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Best wishes for the 2019 summer intensive season!


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5uptown, we're in a similar situation with DS. He's received acceptances from two of his top choices.  He's also received a couple from excellent smaller programs. As much as I would love for him to go to either of his top choices, it's hard for me to justify spending money we don't really have at such a young age (he's also 14).

i lean heavily on the wisdom of BT4D mothers who've travelled this path before us and I keep remembering the oft-given advice from many to save the money while they're young because it becomes more critical to invest in the best-fitting program when they're older and drawing closer to career-changing choices. I think this is true for girls and boys.

So, we're still holding out hope for some of his later auditions, but at this point it is looking like one of the smaller, well-respected programs will be where he ends up going. That is, until we win the lottery! 😂

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Admin hat on:  Just a caution, in advance.  In general on the main boards, we do not allow the listing of scholarships and acceptances in a way that can easily become a brag fest thread.  I know this is not the intent of this thread, but we also want to keep it that way and we are getting close to changing the original intent to that.  Tread carefully.  Just to note, this was a member requested guideline put in years ago in the Main threads.  While we know Parents of Young Men have some different challenges.  We should be mindful of all our acceptances and even our rejections as part of the journey equal to or at the very least alongside scholarships.  

No commentary necessary.  Just a simple reminder of our guidelines.  

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My 16yo DS wants to do something different this summer.  Has any of your DSs done or doing to Palucca University of Dresden (Germany) and Royal Danish Ballet summer school in Coppenhagen?  "Palucca" is affiliated with Dresden Semperor Ballet and I feel like someone's DS from the forum joined the company there.  My DS hopes to join a company in the U.S. but he wants to explore different styles before he needs to focus on employment.  I admire his eagerness to learn, but it seems a bit far and foreign (literally, lol) to me.  I appreciate any info.  Thanks! 

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Sorry, dance-and-skate. I don't have info on Palucca or RDB but hope someone else might.

Anyone want to share where their DS is going this summer? DS14 is going to Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre this summer. Would love to connect with anyone else whose DS might be going there too.

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My DS will be 16 this summer and he us staying at his year round pre pro. He’s only been here since the fall, but he loves it. He’s been away the last 2 summers but finally found his happy place for the foreseeable future. I remember how he agonized over where to go for last summer,  so we feel you!  Good luck to all!

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