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Dance teacher told daughter she would is more an American style dancer than a Canadian style dancer?

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We live in Canada.  One of my daughter's teachers is a former professional dancer (trained in Canada and then joined an American company) and told me that between her and her friend, she's more what American companies would look for than Canadian ballet companies.  I have no idea what she means...anyone have any insight?  No idea what ballet companies even look for in their dancers.  I assume that different ballet companies have different aesthetics - makes sense.

Daughter is 12, not yet 5 feet tall, super long thin legs, tiny waist.  Just curious.  Might have to ask her what she meant.


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Yes, different companies seek different types of dancers, which may change at any given time. This can be anything from style of dance to looks, such as height. It may be a good idea to ask the teacher for clarity on this comment. Your dd is still young & hadn’t finished developing physically or as a dancer, so I wouldn’t put too much thought into it.

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What an odd remark.

I wouldn't give it too much weight, as I've seen the variety to be found in different companies from the same area. I'd suggest that this remark reflects some private bias in the instructor's mind about her personal experiences in Canada vs the US. 

We all tend to have a slight bias, in the back of our brain, that our personal experience the same as the "general" experience. I'd guess this was just that instinctive feeling coming out in verbal form.

And I agree: at 12, you have no idea what she'll look like (in terms of height, development, etc) at 17. Same with her dance. Smile, nod, ask what she means, and don't worry to much about it.


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