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Am I Doing Enough Ballet?

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I'm a 16-year-old pre-professional ballet dancer and I was wondering if you could take a look at my schedule. My teacher is wonderful, but am I doing enough hours to become a professional? We do pointe during center for 4 of our 5 technique classes and all our rehearsals are on pointe. In total, I dance 17.5 hours per week. My studio may also be adding a stretching/conditioning class on Monday.

Mon: Technique 6-8

Tues: Technique 5-7, contemporary 7-8, contemporary private 8-8:30

Wed: Technique 5-7, rehearsal 7-8

Fri: Technique 4:30-6:30, rehearsal 6:30-8:30

Sat: Technique 10-11:30, rehearsal 12-3:30

Thank you!

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Victoria Leigh

It looks okay, Esmeralda, but of course the quality of the teaching is even more important than the number of hours. Does your school have a history of graduating dancers into the professional world?  You have a lot of rehearsals, so I would assume there are also a number of performances throughout the year. That is good. Is your school a member of one of the RDA regional groups?  

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Thank you! My school is very small, but it has had some graduates go on to major professional companies. No, I don't think think it's a member of an RDA regional group. 

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