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Company or Training Audition Intentions

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I recently started college and have continued training in a pre-professional training program almost every day. I am planning to audition for companies this coming season. I know realistically I am looking for a trainee or apprenticeship. I know that unless I can get a scholarship, financial aid, or a position without tuition or with pay; I will place too much of an economic burden on my family  (especially considering I will also eventually be paying for undergrad and grad school tuition). I know many companies prefer watching dancers over the summer before inviting them, but I would likely not do that unless I gonna a scholarship (which I am assuming indicates I am likely to get accepted into their trainee, second company, company etc.). Is my logic sound? If I am going to a joint SI and company audition, should I still check the SI box? Mods, do adjudicators ever offer SI acceptance if someone only indicates interest trainee or second company positions?

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Victoria Leigh

Airbell, if you, and your teachers, think you are ready for a trainee or second company position, then check that box. I think that companies often do find students they are interested, but do not find them quite ready, and accept for the SI. It's possible that they could offer some scholarship assistance, but there is never any guarantee of anything in the dancer audition world. Good luck to you! :)


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