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Bad Ballet Teacher?

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So, I have this teacher that usually raises his voice at students to correct them, but I have heard from friends that have taken classes with him that he yells at students for unreasonable things. (One time he yelled at a girl for yawning in class). I have only had one class with this teacher, but it makes me not want to go to class when he’s teaching. I really love dance and I don’t want to quit, but I’m kinda of scared because I don’t like being yelled at/humiliated in front of people. I don’t know if he’s being strict or is just a bad teacher, but no one wants to speak up because he has been teaching there for a long time and has quite a good reputation with the other teachers at my studio. Can anyone offer help?

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FionaL yawning in class is actually not acceptable behavior. Perhaps you may not agree with reprimanding incorrect behavior with "yelling" but let's also place some responsibility on the student. It is not all the "bad teacher". What is the age group you are discussing? Since this is the Young Dancer Forum, I would have to say this age group should have better classroom manners. It is something that should have been taught earlier on in life.

As for "yelling", while it is not the best way for you to learn, what may seem like yelling to you, may actually be a strong powerful voice. Most ballet teachers have powerful voices. You need an advocate at your school. Are you able to speak with an administrator or another teacher so you have been heard? If you cannot speak up then perhaps you could ask for help from a parent?

I hope you find someone to help you with this situation. If the "yelling" is demeaning rather than just loud, you need to be heard. No one of any age group should feel demeaned.

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