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Cyber Bullying in Dance Schools Tips


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We are considering retaining legal counsel in this matter. 

I was wondering if anybody here is able to share helpful hints and strategies.

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Without more insight to what you are dealing with I don't know what you are really looking for. 

We dealt with this sort of thing a few years ago at an old studio. It was mostly rubbing in social events that DD was excluded from and excluding her from posts that she probably should have been included in (for example, a picture taken of 3 of the girls in a group dance of 4 total that DD was in or cutting her off in a picture of all 4 of them before posting). Occasional wording of posts in an intentional way to upset DD. It was adults and students alike who would do this. These were not the only issues we had with the studio and the culture there, so we chose to leave. I would think to have a successful lawsuit you would have to have documented obvious loss or harm. We were able to mitigate any issues by finding a new atmosphere. 

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Thank you for sharing your painful experience. I am glad you are in a better dance environment now.

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Legal boundaries are important for us to know who should act responsibly when it is not possible to work out tough situations. I believe administrators in our dance school don’t want to deal with unpleasant realities. I was wondering if anybody was able to end this problem just with goodwill on the part of administrators.

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