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chiming in to say-- despite what looking at social media might suggest, I have been assured many times splits are not that important, though general flexibility and mobility is important. How it has been explained to me is that flexibility without strength and control is not good for dancing-- and there are plenty of people who CAN do "the splits" but can't lift their leg nearly as high using their own strength. And there are dangers to stretching joints of young kids past their range, including decrease in stability which actually makes you more injury prone. None of this is to say that flexibility and mobility are not important, but splits on their own don't indicate much, and hyper mobility can actually be a liability in terms of injury prevention and control. My son has been told several times by dancers and by professionals who work with dancers that he will get the high extensions when his growth is complete and he can gain the strength to do that. Nobody at his ballet school is concerned with it. 

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Thank you for all of the responses!  All of this information is extremely helpful and reassuring! My son wants to work on his ballet over the summer. He was accepted to Jose Mateo's summer intensive so he's going to do that.  It was recommended by his other school, but I don’t know anyone else who has been there and can't find it in the summer program forum.  But we will see how it goes.  

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