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Television: Silver Feet documentary

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I watched this so many times when I was in my teens (1980s) the VHS tape broke. About 10 years ago I came across it at a used book sale! Alas, I now no longer have a working VCR.  Then I found this online! Quality isn't the best, but the realities of ballet life hasn't changed much in 35 years.



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Miss Persistent

That looks like a great little film! I only had a quick flick through but it brought back lots of memories! (Mainly of unitards... 😀)

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What a great little film. I had never seen this before! Thank you! Sad the discussion of friendship. That was never my experience as a student dancer nor teacher.

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It may have been over 30 years since this film was made, but the pathos has not changed one bit.  This film made me cry. 

I would love to see a follow up... even on the "success" story part... because (at least from what I've experienced as a parent)... I'm not sure the anxiety about "measuring up" and wanting to be seen for your soul (as opposed to a body) ever really wanes... 

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Lise Braden

I ran across these postings while looking for a place to archive my old film, Silver Feet, which I produced/directed/wrote/edited (it stemmed from my own years as a child/young adult dedicated to pursuing a ballet career). I've been trying for a while to find a home for it, but so far I've found no interest. Until I read your comments, I'd begun to think the film is too out of date for anyone to care about. It's true that the online version was of horrible quality (I don't even know who posted it to the Internet Archive in the first place); and the DVDs I had made are just about as bad because I couldn't afford an expensive transfer from 16mm film. Anyhow, I'm not sad that it's no longer seems to be available online. 

So I am really touched by your comments, and now feel more encouraged to find a way to preserve and make it available with its original quality. I'd be more than happy if anyone has any ideas to share with me!

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Lise Braden -This remains my all-time favorite ballet movie/documentary!! It is just as relevant today as it was back then.

Is it possible to apply for a grant to fund the transfer of the film into a DVD or electronic format? I'd definitely be first in line to purchase it!! :)

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A grant is a wonderful idea Phx115.  Alternately a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter might be a good fit.  You would set a fundraising goal that would cover the cost of the transfer plus printing DVDs as rewards for donors.  You only receive the funds if your goal is met so you can fulfill the project and donor obligations.  For example you could say a $30 donation (or insert meaningful number) will be rewarded with a DVD if the overall goal is met.  I don't think we could promote such a fundraiser on this site according to the rules here, but I'm sure some members of this site would spread the word in their own personal networks.

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That's a great idea, RaisingBallerina! I'll reach out to Lise Braden by PM. I'd be happy to try and work with her to set something up!

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I hope it works out!  I haven't seen it but am intrigued enough to count myself in for these efforts!

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fun en face

I'd be interested as well! 

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