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Colorado Ballet Academy—year-round

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I've been looking for a forum for Colorado Ballet Academy (for the year round school) and haven't found it.  Admins, if I've missed it, please let me know!

DD was just accepted into the year round Pre-Professional Division.  Wondering if there are any other families on BT4D who have had experience there.  Thanks!

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CVan, I haven't been able to find a thread for the academy, either, so I think this thread may be all there is. My daughters have only taken a few open classes there, while visiting the area, so I don't have first hand knowledge of the year round academy levels.  They enjoyed their classes, and the facility was nice. (I loved the lounge area for parents!) I do hope you will hear from someone who has knowledge of the year round situation.

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My understanding is that CBA has two levels for Pre-Pro.  We had a very up and down experience with the program.  It seems that this year (17-18) it is much improved.  The upper level now has some excellent dancers.  

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She was there for several years in the academy before they had a pre-pro program.  The pre-pros took classes with academy students at that time in addition to their daily classes.  We left in 2016 because she wanted more Vagonova and CB was moving away from that as a base training.  […] There are really good options in Denver includIng CBA.  I would also recommend looking at Classical Ballet Academy, CCD, IBS, And RMBA.  They are all different and studio culture is different at each one - DBT is another good program.   Good luck finding a good fit !

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Thank you; good to know!  My daughter had thoroughly researched the program before auditioning, and she is very excited to go.

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Thank you Cvan for the update! Sounds like a well rounded program.  What kind of housing is she in? Do dancers share apartments? 

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Macameli there is no housing offered by the school.  She is in an apartment with two other dancers.  It is less than a five minute walk to the studios.  The school connected all of the students by email over the summer, so that anyone who was looking for roommates could find them.  I believe there are host families, but I am not familiar with that option.  The dancers are responsible for their day to day life:  grocery shopping (there is a grocery store nearby), laundry (in the building and on their floor), and getting to and from classes and rehearsal.  It's been quite an adjustment (DD is 16) but it seems to be working out (knock on wood!).

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Also, has anyone heard back about acceptance into the Colorado pre pro program? If so, how long out from your inperson audition day was it?

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Hi MBK135, the information I posted above is from this year.  If you have any other questions I'd be happy to try to answer them!

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