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Right now they have Level A and Level B, with B considered the more "advanced" group.  So, my guess is Pre Pro B.  I would contact the school to clarify.

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Little Pointe Bird

Cvan, thank you for sharing your experiences. Especially about how housing works. That's my concern, at this point - the logistics of it. I have a few dozen questions about the living arrangements and hope this is still the right area to place them. Was the apartment you DD lived in furnished? What was the average monthly costs for "boarding?"  My DD has been accepted into the year-round and my focus is on getting our budget aligned. Any insight you can provide would be helpful.

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The apartment was not furnished; she and the roommates came up with a spreadsheet to keep track of who was bringing what.  Average monthly costs really depend on so many things; rent, groceries, utilities.  The rent for their last apartment (two bed two bath) was 1650/month.  That did not include any utilities except garbage.  They had a laundry card for the machines.  One nice thing about their place was that the laundry was on each floor, instead of the basement.  Two washers and dryers per floor. Their apartment was walking distance to the studios and to a grocery store.  That was helpful when there was snow and parking might be tricky, or the streets weren't clear.  Several other dancers from the school and the company lived there as well.  If you plan for her to have a car, you'll have to add in parking expenses; I think most buildings charge for spaces, whether indoors or out.

When DD was first there the school provided the incoming students with an email list so they could connect and find roommates.  Her second year there was easier in that respect because the girls already knew each other (one of the other girls and my DD had been roommates the previous year, and became besties, so that worked out very nicely).

I know that this year the program changed a bit, but since DD was no longer there, I did not really pay attention to those changes.  Mostly reorganizing the upper levels, I think.  The school should provide you with that info.

If I think of anything else I will let you know.  Best of luck to your DD; the teachers there are wonderful.  DD is still in touch with many of them.

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Little Pointe Bird

Thank you!! That's all really helpful. The monthly rent was my main concern and whether it was furnished. I didn't expect it to be, but was hoping. 

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