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I'm a beginning dancer. I started ballet in September, a few days before my 47th birthday. In total I dance 2 and a half hours a week. I love it.

Hope hearing from you all.

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This is almost exactly the same age I started to dance. Now 5 years and the journey is going on.

I still love it :) .

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Cool you all!

I thought I would be a late starter starting at 40 three years ago.

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Kalashnikov, Tyr, Old Faun, XDepuydt-  Yall are way smarter than me!  I waited until Oct 2018 to take my first class at age 61!  My first anniversary of taking class is next week!  I take every class i can get my hands on, but alas, living in a small town two or three hours away from any real city, means there are next to no classes available for beginning adults, let along beginning "relics."  Unfortunately it also means that i never get to see another man in my regular classes, though i do see an occasional male when i grab a class while visiting Portland.  I "so" wish i started at 50, or maybe 40, even 30, and better at 20, not to mention 10!  Oh well, you take what you can get, opportunity wise.   And i a so totally thrilled to have my body move, especially with great music.  And the culture of ballet is something special.  My instructor is so polished and positive i can't believe she restrains comment on the 2001 potential corrections she could make at any moment in time.  I firmly believe that Ballet is the new yoga (or now, perhaps pilates), but it will take another 10 years or so for more adults to catch on.  Anyway, i am glad to see that i am not the only one starting so late, glad to see that i am not the only one that loves having started (finally), and glad that other men are spreading the good news!  Best, Matt

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Well said MattMan. Ballet is every bit as good for the body as yoga, pilates and more. It also requires tremendous focus and strength. It will help calm the mind too. 


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All Pluses:  Body Strength and Conditioning, Mind-Body Control, Heart Rate, etc  and Mental Exercise (Concentration & Focus, etc) and while these are most important to me, equally important is the emotional and yes, spiritual, place that dancing takes me to.  At this point I cannot speak to how the act of preparing and delivering a performance would feed into our well being, if only for the sake of enjoyment??

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