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I was lucky to observe an adjudication class several days ago.  For those of you who have watched/given classes, does the instructor/director (from the company) usually give corrections to the dancers like in a regular class or are they supposed to just give the combinations and let the dancers dance?   Thank you!

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Ok, it has been a good while.  But, what I remember is that the adjudication class in the studio, most corrections were to the whole company and based on strengths and weaknesses of the company itself.  Lots of "you all need to......"  Alot were for the benefit of the director instead of the students.  I can't remember which of those used combinations from a proposed list that RDA or our region sent to the directors.  However, we also had class prior to performing our pieces in the theatre that was more like a Master class and in that case, it depended on the adjudicator how personal the corrections were.  

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When I teach an adjudicated class I can't help but give corrections to my dancers! LOL! In that the class is shortened I would give correction during the combo or between sides so the dancers could apply on the other side. Not really enough time to redo combos usually.

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Thank you for your replies.  I was worried that teachers were not supposed to correct at all during an adjudication class.  I understand the class is shortened, but I would have a hard time just giving combos and keeping my mouth shut.  Glad to know it is permissible to give some corrections:-)

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