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Adult ballet open classes SanDiego


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Does anyone know of drop in adult ballet classes in San Diego? I will be in downtown for a meeting and wanted to drop in to class. I won't have access to a car for half the week so public transportation or reasonable uber ride is preferable. 

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If you can get there, try Pacific Arts Dance Center (formerly Del Mar Ballet).  They're on the edge of San Diego and Del Mar.  Their website appears to be broken at the moment though.

When I was in San Diego last summer I was going to do some of their adult drop-in classes (along with my husband and my teen daughter who they said was also welcome).  They looked really good, prices were reasonable, and there were several times/days/levels to choose from.  Unfortunately, they were on break the week we were there.

Pacific Arts Dance Center is located at 5550 Carmel Mountain Road, suite 210, San Diego, 92130. For more information visit pacificartsdance.com or call (858) 264-ARTS (2787).

It looks like it's likely too far for you...the trolley will be heading more north soon, but not yet.  And Google Maps is not being cooperative about buses.  But I wanted to mention it as an option.

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Lynch dance institute has amazing drop in adult class but that’s in poway.

you might consider trying golden state ballet and Pilates? 

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Thanks ladies! I might be able to get to Lynch as the later part of my week, my husband will be joining me and we'll have a car. Lynch looks closer than Pacific Arts for me.

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Tim Lynch  teaches the adult drop in Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and he is AMAZING!!!!  Thursday is beginners but my daughter sometimes goes with me and it’s fine. (I’m the beginner; she isn’t).

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