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Programs that offer the “whole package”

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Thyme,  I agree with you. But I was really focused on the logistical challenges trying to fit it all in. Are these topics important? Absolutely. But as a studio, your business model is generally by class or packages of classes. I'm sure that if a class session a term was devoted to one of the topics above, parents (and some dancers) would complain that students were missing dance instruction.  
A model that may work would be to address the topics via a seminar model... perhaps on a weekend or "off" day. But having a qualified guest come in to deliver the content may be tough then as well.... 

And to be clear, I'm not thinking of the 5 or 6 top tier programs that were mentioned here, but the dozens and dozens of other studios where many dancers get their start.   

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I think that a number of residential schools (and/or schools with comprehensive training programs) have started to address these issues more directly in recent years. The full time program where younger DD trains now has a sports psychologist and a nutritionist on staff, and the students have access to a trainer and a Pilates instructor whose focus is on cross-training and strengthening. The school does not, as a general rule, do competitions. They have incorporated an "Education and Wellness" program, a portion of which was a series called "Truth, Facts & Lies," which dealt with stress, peer pressure, bullying, and perfectionism among other topics. Although DD kind of rolled her eyes at first with a "this is not for me" attitude, she has found the program to be very beneficial. When our DK's are away from home, it is extremely hard to know what is going on either in their heads or in their environment no matter how good a job we, as parents, think we have done in preparing them for the stress not only of living away from home but living away from home in a competitive environment.

When older DD was away at another full-time training program (not the one I mentioned above), there were not all of these supports in place, but there were several parents (myself included) who were sort of "squeaky wheels," and the school did become more proactive in making sure that they were considering the whole person and not just the "dancer."

I don't know how comfortable you feel in raising these questions with those in charge, but I felt that if I was entrusting my child to them (and paying at least some tuition), they should at least cooperate in contributing to the overall well-being of the students who train there.

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DD’s residential school, in my opinion, does a very good job in this realm.  They have conditioning, physical therapy, nutrition education, career planning, and general life skills (budgeting, etc.) included in everyone’s training.  The career planning includes both mentoring/support for company auditions as well as encouraging students to explore a “plan B” for life after dance.   Nothing is perfect, and I’m sure different people have different opinions of what is most important, but I do appreciate the focus on the whole person.

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We are past the stage of looking at these things for my daughter, but I think it would be helpful for others if those who are pleased with everything their DKs' schools offer would say what schools they are. I'm sure the schools would all be pleased with the favorable reviews as well.

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Lines Ballet (2 year training program) in SF

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Our school uses the seminar model someone mentioned. The presentation with the doctor, physical therapists and nutritionist is usually scheduled during the week before classes begin and another one is scheduled on a weekend in the spring. The appointments students can schedule (bimonthly) are short consultations. This fall they also added a session about dance resumes. It was led by a former dancer who later started his own contemporary dance company and is now the head of a college dance program. Though my daughter isn’t old enough to need a dance resume yet, she and I attended in case the opportunity doesn’t come along again. 

The kids are super busy juggling school and dance, but having a couple of afternoons a year where supplemental information is given is really helpful. 

(I’m speaking of the ABT Gillespie School).

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