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2019/2020 Company, Apprentice, 2nd Company, Trainee Congrats thread


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Congrats to your daughter and also to you, AdagioMom!  That's wonderful news to hear!

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My 20 year old son was promoted from the Studio Company to Company Apprentice for the upcoming season ❤️

Gender:  Male 

Main/Most recent training:  Studio Company dancer 

Level of school completed: High School graduate

Audition method: Internal Promotion within the company

Position granted: Apprentice with the Colorado Ballet!  He'll have to pay $1,000 initiation fee to the AGMA union.  But, he receives medical insurance benefits and his weekly compensation, while not large, will be sufficient for him to live financially independent of his parents.  That has been the goal!

Position process/progress: 
Age 7 - 9  Houston Ballet Academy
Age 10 - 15  Local Ballet Studio, a classical ballet studio with RAD exams that also did some commercial competitions each year
Age 15 - 17  Houston Ballet's Professional Training program
Age 17 - 18   The Harid Conservatory 
Age 18 - 19   Washington Ballet Studio Company (left on good terms at the end of the season because his girlfriend did not get a job there and he wanted to be in the same company as his girlfriend)
Age 19 - 20   Colorado Ballet Studio Company (his girlfriend of 4 years is also in the Studio Company there)  

Location of company: Denver, Colorado

What words of wisdom would you offer those coming behind you about your journey or what you've learned being in the journey?  My words of wisdom?  Be generous in sharing information with others!  I do understand that people want to safeguard their privacy.  I get that, I really do.  But, it often seems like much of the ballet world is hidden behind a veil, and as parents trying to help guide our children we're scrambling to get any glimpse possible of what that veil is hiding.  I am eternally grateful for every tidbit of information that parents have been willing to share with me (much of it via this forum).  There is no way I could have helped my son navigate this difficult journey to union company ballet dancer without having this information.  As a result, I've tried to pay it forward each step of the way by being very open about my son's journey and providing as detailed of reviews as I possibly can.  I recognize that some people feel I have overshared, but I just want to lift that veil of secrecy as much as possible.  Anyway, I'm not saying everyone has to share as many details and I have-- I'm just saying to please consider being as generous with the details of your child's progress as you feel you can be.  To help our dancing kiddos survive in this crazy world of professional ballet, we need to be as fully informed as we can be!  :) 

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Congratulations to your son and Thank you!  As a mom working to see beyond the veil I appreciate posts like this.

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slhogan!! Congrats! What fantastic news! Thank you for sharing your journey-so helpful!!Your words of wisdom--yes! Thank you for being open! I wish to see more of this in this forum! Thank you, thank you! Best wishes to your son!


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Congratulations slhogan!!! Although I had no doubt he would have no problem finding the right place, I'm so happy for you both!

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Congratulations Slhogan and to all the others who have posted great news!


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Wow!  That is amazing news slhogan!  Congratulations!!!  :clapping:

I appreciate all the details you've shared over the years.  And I do second the request for everyone to consider sharing whatever they are comfortable doing.  But especially thorough and honest reviews of places your dancer has trained.  It is very helpful to the rest of us!  

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Wonderful news, and well deserved!

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Congratulations!  This is indeed wonderful news, I am so happy for him, and for your whole family!  I am also greatly appreciative of all the information that you have shared about your son's journey, it has been extremely helpful!

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