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2019/2020 Company, Apprentice, 2nd Company, Trainee Congrats thread


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Such a wonderful journey for you and your DD, Clara99! Your path has  similarities to ours and your insights on what worked for you DD were affirming. Enjoy this season and congratulations!!

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I love reading these stories! Congratulations to all and thank you for sharing 😊


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Congratulations. Your daughter sounds amazing

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Congratulations Clara99 to you and your lovely dancer!


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Thank you for everyone's kind words! 

One more piece of advice or wisdom we have gleaned during her journey: mental and emotional toughness is just as important as the physical training of technique and artistry for a dancer to be successful. It can be rough. Often fellow dancers were not so excited to see her succeed, and are not afraid to tell her exactly how they feel. Words can hurt more than a sprained ankle.  Jealousy is part of the game, you have to have a thick skin. Teachers can also be a part of your emotional and mental development, both negatively and positively. However, there have been many friendly and supportive dancers and teachers in her life as well. We have seen ups and downs with her over the years, and somehow she kept going, fighting for her dream. I am sure many parents can relate! 

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