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2019/2020 College Congrats Thread

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Congratulations to EVERYONE on their college decisions! Excited for all of these dancers' new adventures! 

Gender: Female

Main/Most recent training:  Local pre-professional ballet studio for 8 years, SIs affiliated with regional companies and one at a university

Level of school completed: Public high school

Audition method: In person 

School attending: Butler University dance performance major 

Position process/progress: Graduating high school in May, college auditions during summer/fall senior year

Words of wisdom about the process/decisions: Through all of its complexity and stress, we actually enjoyed our trips and tours and met so many amazing families along the way! My DD participated in 4 early auditions at classical ballet-focused programs, which was nice because we knew her results by December and she could determine whether to pursue others and/or re-audition where she was waitlisted (she chose not to). 

We underestimated how much of her time the academic applications would take in addition to the dance department auditions/applications - some of which required video screens, letters of recommendation and essays. For academic merit aid consideration, you often have to meet "early action" deadlines in Oct/Nov. Each university is a little different but most required multiple essays for scholarships, honors programs, etc. Having SATs/ACTs behind you at end of junior year and a pretty good idea of where you'd like to audition helps a ton! Some fall audition sign-ups are live as early as spring and summer. I helped her watch websites and keep track of deadlines. 

Like others in past years, we were surprised by audition results. She was waitlisted where we thought she'd likely get in, and was invited to a few programs she considered a reach. She was grateful to have choices, but then it was really hard for her to decide and have to turn down opportunities. Ultimately, she chose the program that felt like home to her from the start. Attending this university's SI gave her a great chance to experience dance classes, professors, campus living, etc. that helped her feel more confident in her final decision. 

Thanks to everyone on this board who provided insights that helped us all along the way, and good luck to all of the future dancers exploring the college path!  

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Congratulations to your daughter, Dewaltz!! Butler is an amazing program and a beautiful campus!!


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Congratulations 🎉 Dewaltz  Such an exciting time!!! Your words of wisdom section is so well said😊 

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Congratulations to everyone!! 

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