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YAGP Finals - a few questions


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I wondered if anyone might be able to answer a few questions I have while looking at YAGP NY Finals general schedule.

First, what is Gaga Class for Junior Soloists?

Second, what does Tech Time mean for Junior Women Finalists?

Third, for those of you who have attended the Gala, what did you think of it and would you go again?


Thanks so much  :)

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here is full length documentary on Gaga.  My DD watched it for an assignment in modern class.  It is rated R, so for younger dancers parents may want to view first and show clips as appropriate for your dancer.  




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Moderators--I am trying to delete this big YouTube posting as I thought the link would just show up as a small line.  I tried to fix it but cannot.  I understand if the post needs to be removed---fixed it

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Joriebelle, if you have time, it is worth watching the video I posted.  Very interesting and creative.  You can show your dancer the unique movement of Gaga so they know what to expect.

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Thanks everyone for the replies.  I do have one more question.

Have any of you taken the Classes Open to the Public?  We have several scholarship classes and regular classes already on our schedule.  I was not going to go to the classes Open to the Public but the gal that is driving with us would like to go so I thought I'd get a little more information if I could.

Thank you!

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If you look closely at the schedule you will see that the classes "open to the public" are still age assigned soloist classes. They are not classes that anyone can take. Instead, they are just classes that are open to parents and other observers to watch. For example, my dd is a junior and is scheduled for one of those classes in the PepsiCo theater so I plan to go watch. A 12 year old at our studio is assigned to the class with the director of Princess Grace. An older junior is scheduled for the class with Claudio for Houston and so on. I hope that makes sense. I was a little confused when I first read the schedule as well, but realized later down in the booklet that the classes are still assigned. 

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The Gala is an amazing experience! I went last year for the first time, I'm definitely going again this year. 

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Except their other classes are assigned by number so there are only about 40-50 in those classes whereas the Open to Public classes would be open to all 152 junior soloists.

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Joriebelle ,

I haven’t seen the schedule that you are referring to. The only one I’ve seen is what is in the program book that was sent by email. What exact schedule are you referring to? Just curious.

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Fraildove, it's marked page 8 in the document they sent us.  The page right before Competition Schedule Friday April 12.

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The way I am reading the schedule those classes are NOT open to all junior soloists. Furthermore some of those classes overlap with times that junior soloists are competing. 

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By tracking the listed venue, it looks like the public classes are specific classes that are scheduled for the soloists in specific groups. But it’s confusing because sometimes the times don’t exactly line up with what’s listed. As a first timer, I feel as if I’ve spent hours trying to interpret and match up the schedules, and I’m still not completely clear. 

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Ok now I see what you are talking about. I also read this as being open to observation. You need to double check the times that are listed to see which group it pertains to. They are separated further down in the booklet. It is confusing the way they worded it. 


Anyway, this is Finals so things will change on a whim. When you check in they should explain but also keep an eye open, even as late as 11:30pm, as last year a class that was supposed to begin at 11:30 was changed right before midnight the evening before to 8:30. Over half missed the class because people were already asleep. 

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