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Why do teens quit ballet?


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I will say that my daughter experienced the very opposite. She had been getting accepted everywhere and then just before turning 15 she didn’t get accepted to a program she always got into. She has always been long and thin and with great technique, but her teachers were told she was not accepted because after her huge growth spurt they thought she was lacking in strength and needed to work on getting it back.

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My 15 year old is still dancing her 6 day/week schedule (except of course they have been in and out of the studio with Covid), but we are starting serious discussions about her future.... university/dance/etc...  and I'm seeing a shift in her.  Even as recently as last year, she would say without hesitation that she wanted to pursue professional ballet; now, I'm seeing her say the opposite.  She wants to continue dancing because she still loves it, but she wants a real university experience and doesn't think she wants to pursue a dance career.  She is one who has been in full time academic school followed by 3-4 hours of dance after school each day, and frankly, now that she is wanting to pursue university, I believe something will have to give with her dance training.  Her academic course load and classes are much more rigorous this year and will undoubtedly get more challenging next year, and she has to have more time to study.  Additionally, she is going to need to start doing some test prep classes and writing workshops to start getting ready for university applications.  I don't see how this can happen with her current dance schedule.  I am leaving it to her to connect the dots of these discussions and make the decisions, but I fully expect this to be her last year dancing at such an intense level.

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