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Just suppose you lived in a country far far away from everywhere else and you needed a black leotard for your son but everywhere only had white ones though they say they could order one in.  But the last one you ordered took 8 weeks to arrive and was too small. After a lot of looking and research you determine it would be quicker and easier to order from someone on the other side of the world who has the item is stock (which you did for the first pair of white ballet shoes too and that worked well). Since you are going to need more shoes soon and postage is expensive you decide to order another pair of shoes too. In white full sole you have a whole 3 choices 

Bloch Arise

Move leather shoes

So Danca canvas shoes

Which would you try?

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First question: are either of these shoes the same as the previous ones?

Second question: who are you ordering thru? Boys Dance Too for instance would help you with this decision.

When faced with the same problem I have been known to order all 3.

Fitting dance shoes over the phone is just a pot shot.

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None of them are the same.  The first ones were a sort of own brand (the move ones would be the closest).  I feel they are a little narrow for him.  I would love to buy all 3 but I really can't afford it.  I would also love to get him actually fitted but there is nowhere within about 6 hours as far as I know.  The standard procedure is pretty much the dance teacher can order one type and only in pink so the kids who are buying them here aren't getting a better chance of a fit than if I buy them from literally the other side of the world although it may be slightly easier to return them.   I was going to use Move Dancewear in the UK because most of the US based places don't have good shipping arrangements for NZ, and if I use the freight forwarding system NZ Post has it takes up to a month.  

I could possibly stretch to two of the shoes in which case I would go with the well known brands (so Block and So Danca) though I did read somewhere that the Arise can be a bit stiff?



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Have you looked at Australian suppliers? I used to but from Flight Dance in East Maitland NSW. 

sales <at> flightdance.com.au

Sue is v helpful and experienced. 

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A bit.  I haven't found one that seems as good as the UK or US ones for range.  It is a matter of finding one place that has a good range and a reasonable and speedy post.  When I order from Book Depository though the books from the UK get here quicker than the ones shipped from the Australia.


I looked at the one you mentioned and is says "site under construction" so I will look again but at the moment the choices in white full sole are as minimal as in NZ.

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I decided to make a leotard myself and defer shoes until he needs one and my Mother goes to Australia.

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Sounds good. It will be much less frustrating! 

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You could also try energetiks an Australian online dance supplier.  They have a good range of ballet tights, leotards etc for boys.  I get my son's ballet shoes from MDM another online supplier from Victoria in Australia.  We also use boys dance too for the tights, and the wear moi brand leotards.  I shop during the online sales and try to buy the things he needs at once because the postage can be expensive.

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