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question about attachments

Guest luna

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A question for our moderators--

Alexandra told me that after 30 posts I would no longer be a "new member" and would be able to post photo attachments. I have more than 30 posts, and want to submit some photos from the Richmond dance camp, but am still getting a little note at the bottom left of my screen saying that I may NOT post attachments. Help!


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Don't worry about the bottom of the page. go to the post reply section and then attach the photo as part of a message under attach file.


remember to resize your photos so they are under 32K or it will not be able to be sent.


If you have trouble - email them to me and I will post for you.



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Looks like you're all fixed up, Luna!:) I let Alexandra know via email, and she took care of it right away!

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Thank you both! My photos are at work, so I'll try to squeeze a few spare moments to post them this week. PrinceRob, the ones you've already posted look great--thanks for taking the time to share them with us all!

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