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college ballet programs in michigan

sofia hutton

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since i qualify for the kalamazoo promise, my parents want me to attend college here in michigan. however, i plan on dancing professionally in a ballet company and am having trouble finding programs with strong ballet training and ballet performance opportunities (most are more modern-focused). any suggestions?

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Check out our Colleges and Universities with Ballet Programs.  If you include “Michigan” in your search, it should help direct your search somewhat. 

Off-hand I can think of Hope College, University of Michigan, and  University of Western Michigan. 

Mad you find more to research, please do check the dedicated Colleges/Universities forum to ask and receive information on specific programs. 

Happy researching! 


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With your search be sure to find out how many days a week the college offers ballet training and how often ( fall & spring semesters?) they offer pointe  and how long of a class it is. My daughter was a freshman at Western Michigan University and because she was in a higher ballet placement than her jazz and modern class she had to alternate her Fridays so one week she would get 2 days of ballet class and the next week 3 days. The teachers were great but it's hard to get in a full week of ballet classes there. Pointe was only offered in fall semester.

I'd recommend looking into University of Michigan. hard to find information on their website so I'd contact them directly. also see if you can observe classes.


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