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Declining/Deferring a Scholarship Offer -- Help?

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There's so much more than just dancing... learning to live independently - and that means more than doing laundry and buying groceries. It means being able to successfully navigate new environments and develop relationships -- all at a great distance from support and the comfort of home. 
Those of us who have been in this race for a while have, like LearningDance said, seen very gifted young dancers burn out, or make some poor choices or .... for whatever reason, lose their passion. 

Trust your gut. If it is meant to be, then it will be. 


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AB'sMom, a small correction on Isabella Boylston. I do have 1st hand experience with her particular situation. Bella was 1st offered a position in Studio Co. at the end of her 2nd ABT Summer course, before JKO existed. It was at the completion of her 2nd year at HARID. She was going into her senior year in high school. Her decision was to return to HARID for her senior year of high school. In December of her senior year, the offer came again. She was given an ultimatum by ABT, now or never. Her choice was to go to ABT Studio Co. immediately, continue with online courses and receive her HARID high school diploma and certificate of completion. She graduated from HARID and walked with her class to receive her diploma. 

All families must make decisions that are best for their situations, however there is no guessing what will happen in the future. Being offered a position in any professional school be it in the USA or Europe is a feather in the cap, however the older a student gets the more difficult it is to gain entrance to these schools as there are fewer openings at the top.

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Thank you for the clarification. I understand her giving the short version in her interview (especially because I think she was trying to make the point that finishing high school was important to her parents and she was grateful for it), but the full story definitely gives a more accurate picture of the situation. 

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