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Argh.....need a lot of new dance gear...


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So, last night my car was stolen from my driveway. Along with my favourite jumper, my swimming stuff (because I knew I'd forget it in the morning....) My LL Bean walking boots my mother bought me when I was 15 ( not so easy to replace over here...) - crucially, my dance bag was in the car. With my flats, my soft blocks, my brand new russian pointes, and around 80% of my dancewear.  Stuff you couldn't sell for pennies, but that will cost hundreds of pounds to replace.

Apart from trawling for sympathy (and let's face it, I'm not going to pretend I'm not!) I have a specific question for those of you across the pond:

I now wear "skinny dips toe savers" toe pads, which I got originally on a trip to New York. My parents brought another set back from their trip (brand new pair were also in my dance bag...😭). They are seemingly impossible to get in the UK. Now, I can mail order them, but finding a company with reasonable shipping costs (is, not twice the price or more of what I'm actually ordering!) is nigh on impossible. Does anyone know of a retailer who has fairly priced international shipping? There's a good chance I'll end up paying up to £20 tax when it arrives as well so I really can't afford crazy shipping costs! They are by far the best ones I've ever had, and my pointe shoes were fitted with them, so I really really don't want to have to change.

All suggestions happily received.....

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Not sure about shipping but will be coming to London late July. Would be happy to bring some over if you can get to London July 20-30. 

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fun en face

Oh dear! Sorry, can’t be of much help immediately but wanted to send wishes for the safe return of your stolen items!

Im flying to NY today. I am happy to ask around at the dance shops, as I will be in search of new gear myself, and see whats possible.


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Amazing - both of you! I do know that Onstage Dancewear on Madison Avenue has them, because that's where I bought them in the first place, but I can't find them on their website....

London might be an option too - this forum is full of gems!!

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Have you checked Planetdance? https://www.planetdance.com

Even if they don't have your brand, they have virtually everything that one could need for dancing.

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Oh I am so sorry, what an enormous pain to go through.  My wish is that your car and belongs are somehow found safe and sound and returned to you (or at least the belongings...cars can be replaced a lot more easily and insurance usually covers that...your insurance may cover your belongings and it's worth asking by the way).

I'd never heard of those pads so I Googled it out of curiosity.  Even though I'm in the US, one of the first sites to pop up is a reseller in Norway.  https://skoyteshop.com/product/144509/skinny-dips

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Oh commiserations to you, Doormouse. As you say, it's not the monetary worth of what's stolen from you, but the sick feeling that someone's been so nasty & rifled through your stuff. 

I'll be in NYC in mid-late July, back in the UK around 30th July. I'm happy to bring back the toe savers if I have clear instructions about what to shop for! It'll be an excuse to drop in to some NYC dance shops - I'm usually jumping from research archive to ballet studio to theatre in NYC. PM me if you don't find another way to replace some of your stuff.

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My daughter wears those. I’ll check the ballet store this week when I’m over that way to see it they have any in stock. 

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You are all amazing :)

I had some good news this morning when my insurers told me the contents of my car were covered, so the money worries (at least from a stuff point of view) are not as bad.

Perhaps if I can PM people, I could very very happily wire cost of money and postage if they are willing to post over?

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