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well, i'm back from my 60-day stay in the states...!!! i had a marvelous time in overthere...tell more about that later when i have more time...kind of hectic now...

i'll also tell about my bad balletclass experience...(took one balletclass and thought it would be better to leave classes for the summer, cause that school was considered the best school in the area :D :eek: :confused: !!!)

i'm happy to be back and once i find the time, i'll read, write and ask again...


by the way...if this is not the appropriate place, please remove it... i just wanted to let you all now that i was back...and since i mostly only moved around at the teens board since i became a member, i thought i could post it here...:)



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Welcome back to the board, Skip, and long time no hear from!:)


Please do tell us about your experiences in the States, even the bad ones, but let's keep it even-handed and not go for the throat, even though you may have been stung!


And, of course, favorable notices are always pleasant, but moderation there, too - sometimes people crow about how wonderful a place has been, and it turns out to be not so good!


Anyway, welcome back!

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