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Increasing turnout


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I do not have 180 degree turnout and I would really like to. I know some of it depends on how your body is built, but I need some tips on how to improve. I know doing the frog really helps, but I am looking for other options. Obviously, turnout comes from the hip, but what can I do to get my leg to turn there more? Does the tendon there need to be stretched? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!:)

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The leg and pelvic girdle area are such complex structures as to render a complete answer here nearly an encyclopedia in length. However, many, many questions on this topic are already still active on the board presently, and all that need be done is to run a Search on the words "turnout" and "rotation". Also run a similar search on YD Technique and also Stretches and Exercise archives. We've got hundreds of threads on this topic!

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