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Does my teacher gave up on me?


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I’ve been working ballet for two years since l was 16. Lots of people told me that I cannot start ballet cause I’m kind of big and heavy. I have big bones and big breasts. So since I started ballet I feel that my teacher doesn’t like me in her class due to my body. She barely corrects me and give me advices and I feel like she doesn’t want to teach me. Mostly I feel she even doesn’t want to look at me while practice. However I myself feel a great progress in my flexibility and strength and balance since I started and all my friends tell me that. But My teacher never look at me and correct me I mean l can’t be doing all the moves right! 

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I’m happy to hear that you feel like you have made progress, that’s what’s important! That, as well as enjoying dancing! Anybody with a body can dance, regardless of age shape or size. 

There are many reasons why a teacher may not be giving you corrections, most of which have nothing to do with your shape/size. A teacher may not give students corrections because they want them to get comfortable with the movements first, after all a person can only think about so much, and sometimes if a student looks unsure of the exercise the teacher won’t tell them to fix things as to not to overwhelm them. A thing that might help this is too dance like you want corrections, it sounds like you do, so you have to present this attitude in class. Nod and repeat the movement when a teacher gives a class-wide correction, always know the exercise and don’t give up mid way through an exercise if you are lost, stand at the front of the barre/class. All of these things tell the teacher that you want to learn! You can also just ask to speak with your teacher and tell her you are looking for more then just a “fun” class and seriously want to improve your technique. Sometimes teachers subconsciously slot adult dancers into “just for fun” and “more serious” and they don’t want to give to many corrections to the “just for fun” dancers as to not scare them off. But their opinions can be changed, it just takes a little work. 


It could also just be the case of a teacher that is not the right teacher for you. Try changing your actions in class, then try talking to her, and if those don’t work maybe look for a new class!!

Good luck :) 


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