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Recommendations for men's tights/unitard without front seam


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Hi all. This is my first post and I really appreciate all the resources on this forum. I am looking for a pair of tights or unitard that has no front seam starting from the crotch (then to the scoop for unitards). I checked nearly all the brands mentioned previously but have not found too many. Does anyone have any recommendation on brands that have those or willing to customize those if lacking them in the ready-to-wear? Thank you~

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I don't know brands, but have one strong suggestion.

I've seen a young man in one open class, wearing an unitard. Made from some light, almost white colored synthetic material from an unknown ballet brand - no normal sports wear. He was training at a russian lead ballet school very strict for what to wear.


It was very distracting - after Plies he began to sweat - that's completly normal.

And this tight - fitting material was getting transparent with moisture. During exercising one well formed muscle afte the other was getting visible. For heavens sake he was wearing a dance belt. Would have been much better wearing only black shorts and nothing more. Argghh.


So - don't do this. Really don't do it. Check the material.



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Jeff Tabaco

Welcome, stringstream! I can recommend boysdancetoo for their own line of shorts and tights, which have no front seam ("Precision Fit"). Granted I usually wear their shorts to class, so I can't vouch for their long tights. They have buttons in the waist for optional suspenders, but I don't bother as they stay up fine for me.


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Hey Stringy, You might try LuckLeo, a micro-manufacturer in Denver, Colorado.  I have several of their men's tights and shorts in my present rotation.  

By the way, it seems that for some folks there is an expectation that we men wear only black or other dark colors.  I "get" the theme that guys should not feature their god-given manhood, BUT, That said, get tired of boring mono-chrome outfits.  LuckyLeo offers blacks, grays, darks, lights, colors, and a custom program, all at what i think are reasonable and competitive prices.  I think there are other boutiques out there, but I've not sampled their wares.  I also buy regularly from BoysDanceToo, recommended above.


And finally, i just gotta say:  Go Prince George!  

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And Another Find ... ... ...

Stringy, You may also want to check out Fuzi.  They offer a new design men's tight that has NO front seams.  I think on the web you may find photographs of an older style Fuzi made with two front seams.  I just received a pair from them with no front seam, and the material and fit are pretty great.  I edited this post to update the description of the new design without front seams.  Cheers.  M

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