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I’m a 16 yr old Male and I started ballet this summer ( in June). Right now I’m only doing one class a week because the school is quite far from my house. I wanted to know if I should be taking more classes I.E (men’s program) yet or wait till I have more experience to change to a closer school that also has a men’s program in the fall.

P.S: I would also appreciate any good recommendations for men’s dancewear that is good quality but affordable. 

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Hi. I’m a teacher in New York City. As a 16 year old beginner, I don’t think that you should, at this point, be in “men’s class”. The foundational training is the same for men and women. As far as the number of classes...Thant depends on your goals. One class a week is not enough to make significant improvements with any sort of speed. Our school has absolute beginner workshops that meet three times a week. You can certainly “learn” something with one class per week, but TRAINING is different; the strength and body conditioning will be very hard to achieve with only one class per week. 

With respect to dance attire, Sansha and Capezio both make a fairly good quality product at a moderate price. There are websites that sell dance wear at a significant discount. Does your school require specific uniform (black tights, white fitted t shirt etc?). Dance belts (the under garment men wear under tights) are all designed slightly differently they all fit differently and everyone likes something different. Unfortunately, they are non-returnable, so there is a matter of trial and error. Just so you know...they run small... I weight 150, wear a size 30 or 31 waist in pants and usually need a “large” in a dance belt.

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