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AGMA-- Free online AA degree

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My son just discovered this benefit, and we're really happy about it. My son is 20, and now that he's a bit more settled into his ballet career, he has decided that he wants to start earning a college degree (part-time & online).  

Anyway, he just joined the AGMA union (now that he's a dancer in a union company), and learned that one of his union benefits is that he can earn his AA degree for free. Here's the details-- https://www.unionplus.org/benefits/education/union-plus-free-college

He's spoken to his regional Union Rep, the program's Enrollment Advisor, and the admissions department of the college, and he's now all set to begin taking college classes for free this fall. 

He's very excited! He obviously loves ballet but is thinking he would like to perhaps retire when he's in his late 20's, to work in the business world and start a family while having a more traditional career. His goal is to take 6 classes a year (2 per fall, spring, summer) and complete a bachelors degree in business/finance in 6-7 years. 

Anyway, I just wanted to share this AGMA benefit with you, in case like me you were unaware of it. I've always encouraged my son to work in an AGMA company, and I'm glad that this is one of the benefits he'll receive. 

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My ds has also started taking on-line classes through Penn State World Campus.  He is only taking three per year right now, since he will be a new apprentice and does not know how much time he will have.  He has no union benefits, alas!  World Campus has a lot of BA and BS business degrees, so your ds should take a look at its programs when he gets past the AA.  My ds may major in a social science.  He wants to be ready to pursue a variety of opportunities when the time comes.  My advice to him is that the major does not really matter at the BA level as long as he learns how to learn— to think critically and write well, especially.  I think his degree will take him 8 years—he had some AP credits when he started.


That’s great news about the union benefit, though!  Thanks for calling it to our attention.   Perhaps my ds will get the chance to be in the union at some point.

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My DD is in a non-union company, so apologies if this is off-topic, but she is also taking online classes through Penn State World Campus.  She's also been taking 3 per year - one each semester and one compressed 6-week class in the summer.  The online experience is necessarily limited, but PSU has a broader selection of courses and majors than most online programs.  She hasn't actually enrolled in the degree program yet, but she's thinking of applying for admission this fall, possibly to major in political science.  

I agree with mln - great about the union benefit!  slhogan, it's wonderful that your son gets to take advantage of it.

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Oh this is great news! My DD had also begun her new professional career under AGMA! What a wonderful benefit! I will share it with her! Thanks for sharing this information!

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