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Struggle to find suitable studio in Australia

Ballet Mum In Training

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I would really appreciate words of wisdom from you experienced ballet parents here....

My daughter just turned 14 and is absolutely obsessed with ballet. She has been training very intensively for a year now, about 22 hours per week. As well every school holidays 6 days intensive program  from 9-5:30 (That's just over 50 hours per week!!). She made huge progress in every way and really is working really hard.....However, I am not sure that is enough for her to become professional ballerina as she is hoping and striving to. I am afraid that she started a bit too late and that her body shape is not in her favor. I am of opinion that her teacher (studio owner where she attends) have her financial interest first and is giving us "rosy" picture. Even if my daughter have a chance to become professional ballerina I do not think that particular studio can bring her to that point.

I am prepared to give my daughter every chance and support but want to do it right, in the right place. Where in Australia (I do not mind moving) in your opinion are the best schools/studios for it? I would consider anywhere but WA (just because of distance) I've spoken with Australian Ballet School but found them a bit like "broken record" keep repeating...."bring her to audition and we will see" She obviously can not audition as she is not dancing her age group but one-two levels below...as if I had spoken to brick wall...."bring her to audition" they keep repeating. OK, I will bring her to audition but she needs training first where do we get it? They would not recommend ether so I am a bit stuck here....Please help!

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hi there Ballet Mum in Training.  Australia is big thats for sure but can you give me a rough idea of where you live? I have nothing but complete respect for Newcastle Ballet Theatre. I dont know if that makes geographical sense for you. We were there for several years and they have graduated professional dancers (AB included). Have a look at their website and give Rider Vierling a call. I could rave on and on but you dont need to hear that. Talk to him.

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Hi there Ballet Mum.  As Thyme says, where are you located?  What state?

If your DD loves ballet and is doing big hours, then I am sure she knows the names of many top schools in her state and beyond! Look at the recent graduate successes listed in a school's promotional material or website.  

Call up schools and start talking.  Send a video or do an audition for a place in their part-time or full-time programs.  They are likely to provide constructive feedback.

The Australian Ballet School is focused on facility and potential when looking at 14 years and under so being 1 year behind in training is not so important.   Turning up means that your DD can gain audition experience and note what they focus on.

Good luck!

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Maybe start by looking at these websites and then their instagram/facebook accounts for recent successes:

A big Sydney school is: https://tanyapearsonacademy.com.au/

A boutique Sydney school that might work better for a late starter is: https://classicalballet121.com/

Some big Brisbane schools are: https://www.annetteroselliballet.com.au/main/

and https://www.queenslandballet.com.au/academy

and http://www.classicalcoachingaustralia.com.au/

and many more

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Ballet Mum in Training, we have a Forum for that!  :D

Please go to the “Finding a Pre-Pro Ballet School” forum:  https://dancers.invisionzone.com/forum/155-finding-a-pre-pro-ballet-school/

The Forum is arranged alphabetically (by state and country) so it will be easy for you to find the threads for Australia.  Furthermore, there are separate threads for areas of Australia, so you review the threads that are most pertinent to you.  The threads contain first-hand information regarding various schools our members are familiar with.  If something strikes your fancy and you have additional questions, please post them on the appropriate area thread.  We try very hard to keep the information collated in those threads so it is easier for folks researching to find the information they need.

Posters, please add your first-hand information to the appropriate Australian area thread. :thumbsup:

So that we can keep our socks all in the appropriate drawers, I am closing this thread and direct your attention to the appropriate Finding a Pre-Pro School in Australia thread(s).  


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