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I would love to hear from parents of students who have transitioned from traditional to cyber schooling, especially at the later high school level. My DD will be starting a residential program in a different state and starting 11th grade as an online student. I'm overwhelmed by the amount of information on cyber schools and determined to do as much research as possible but here's one question I haven't seen answered yet: Should she enroll in a school accredited in the state I live in (i.e. our permanent home address) or the state where she'll be attending the program? It seems like since there's some 'live' teaching involved via Skype it would make sense to enroll in the state she'll be living in so as to avoid time differences (she'll be on the opposite coast) but the schools accredited in our home state are more familiar with our state requirements in case she comes back to attend college. Also, is there a good resource for researching the options for online schools? Thanks for any and all info.

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A girl at my daughter’s studio just did her junior year online and was staying with a host family. We are on the west coast and she did an online program through her state in the eastern time zone. One consideration, in addition to live sessions, is the time zone as it relates to due dates. Often assignments have to be turned in by midnight. Classes at our studio ended at 8pm and she didn’t get home until almost 9pm, which was midnight on the east coast. She always had to have her classwork done before leaving for ballet.

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One suggestion I have (if you haven't already) is to contact the admissions department at a college she is interested in attending.  I would ask them any questions you have about which school (A or B  ) is more likely to gain her admittance at their college, course selection, etc.  My guess is if she wants to attend a home state college they are going to be more familiar with the in-state online high school.  I would ask them, if my daughter takes the equivalent classes (4 years English, math, science, ss, foreign language) from the out of state online high school will it hurt her chances for admission at their college?

The guidance offices of both online high schools may also be helpful with answering these questions.

Alternatively, I've seen some online high schools list the colleges and universities where their graduates have attended or been admitted.  That may give you some information, but read with caution.  How recent is the list?  Is it accurate?

To your question about time zones:  yes, the school where she'll be will cut down on confusion with times of day.  If there is a time zone differnece you or she may want to make a visual reference on a index card, "Midnight Eastern Time (Florida) is 9 pm Pacific Time (Washington)" and with a few other examples too.

Best wishes to you!

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My daughter switch to online school and did the entire school year online last year. She will continue with it this year as well. I’m not sure about the programs the other posters mentioned but with ours, there is no due dates by midnight. The program is highly flexible with due dates etc. It is an accredited school. Given that, each of its state online branches (or  schools) has to comply with the states graduation requirements for all states brick and mortar high schools. So just make sure if she is doing the online high school where she currently resides (state x) and you are in state Y you need to make sure her graduation requirements are being met with the online classes she is taking. To whether she should be enrolled in the state’s program where she is dancing or your home state is probably best answered by the school administrators.

I will caution as in our case, the student needs to be highly motivated to be successful at online school. My daughter tends to work some school on the weekends in order to stay on track. 

Best of Luck! 

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Can anyone recommend a homeschool program they are very happy with?  This is our first venture in to it.

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Val, so as not to get “online school programs” discussion mixed up with “ homeschool program” discussions, I would suggest you also do a Search.  We have quite a number of home school program threads already. :wink:  It comes up every year.  And now is as good a time as any for those thread(s) to be resurrected.  

Feel free to add your questions or comments to the appropriate home school program thread(s). 😊


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Another option to consider would be dual enrollment.   If you can get her accepted into an online Dual enrollment program she will 

1.  Obtain dual credit for both high school and college 

2. Earn credits faster. For example.  1 semester of college algebra is the equivalent to 1 YEAR of high school algebra 2 

3. College classes don’t often times have nearly as much useless busy work and mandatory state testing (in addition to finals) as online public schools.  

Ps  I’m a veteran homeschooler with a daughter that did dual enrollment last year.  


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Val.  I am a veteran homeschool mom with 2 in a pre pro program at their home studio.  We homeschooled prior to dance.  I am happy to answer any questions if you want to find an old thread regarding homeschooling 

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Leigh28 is there typically a grade in which you can do dual enrollment? DD is entering 9th and her online school has already agreed to recommend her for dual enrollment but not until junior senior years.

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Bekah21.  That would depend upon the state laws and the requirement for the college.  Some here will take as young as 14 and 9th grade. Just keep in mind these are college level classes with college level content and conversations that may not be age appropriate for a student that young 

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My daughter did junior year online and with dual-enrollment at the local community college. The community college courses were fabulous. Online school really, really did not work for her, though. We are now looking at putting together college applications for her with a serious slump in her GPA for junior year, and I am not happy about it. For next year, she will be officially homeschooled, with two classes in the community given by local homeschool moms and three at the community college.

If I had it to do over again, my strongest recommendation would be to choose a program that does not have a lot of due dates. The biggest problem we got into with my daughter was that there were all kinds of "temporary zeroes" that would go onto her transcript for classes that she had to listen to at a different time, because of her live classes or dance classes.  And she got inured to looking at a low GPA because of all the temporary zeroes and would not realize when they were flipping over to "permanent zeroes." 

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We are just starting this year, and will be using Acellus.  This was recommended by other prepro moms.  It’s free, self-paced, available year-round. All online.  Once my daughter is driving in a couple of years I’d like to try dual enrollment.

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Not all schools encourage dual enrollment, ours only allowed one or two options and they were a conflict with the dance schedule.

 Another thing to consider if your child plans to go the college route, vs trainee/apprentice/company route, a student who has acquired college credits may jeopardize any potential freshman scholarship. Be sure to explore how dual enrollment will affect the dancers next step.

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