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Noodles, good to know. How would having college credits jeopardize scholarships? I haven't heard that one before. DD wants to do AP or dual credit so either route would give her college credit as a high schooler.

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Balletmuse how did you find free Acellus?  I have not scene that.  I do think that is the program we will try for my 10th grader.  They do except duel enrollment but require the student and parent to find one and then contact them to make sure the credit will be accepted.  My biggest issue is trying to figure out a math class.  Dancer finished common core Math 2 Honors in 9th grade-anyone using Acellus have a suggestion?

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I also looked at Acellus and saw tuition information so didn't think it was free.

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Bekah21, you will want to check scholarship availability:college credits with the schools your DK is interested in.  Typically, freshman status is required for the bulk of scholarships.  Yes, there are scholarships that renew as the student progresses through the college years, but it is not typical for a transfer or incoming upperclassman to be eligible for many scholarships.

So, yes, you will want to keep an eye on those requirements when looking at how many dual credits your DK plans to transfer to the college.

There have been other threads discussing college issues such as this.  I don’t have time to do a Search as I am headed out the door.  I’d recommend doing one, as well as scrolling through appropriate Forums to find those threads (and tips). 


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Thanks dancemaven, new high school parent here so I didn't even think about that or know if would be a potential issue!

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Hi Val, and Bekah21,

Sorry for the confusion, it is $25 a month if you go through Power Homeschool, however we are in California and we are doing it through Inspire Charter School, so it’s all free for us.  As a matter of fact, Inspire will be paying $2800 a year to my daughter’s prepro dance studio for her classes, as they qualify for fine arts extracurricular.  Perhaps there are charter schools in your area that provide Acellus.  I found out about Acellus, and many other free curriculums, etc.  through any extremely helpful Facebook group called, “It’s Not That Hard to Homeschool High School.”

With Acellus, go to Power Homeschool to see a list of math classes available for High School...there are a lot!





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Noodles, dual-enrollment should not jeopardize college scholarships as far as I have been told. You only run into issues if you enroll in college courses as a high school graduate. 

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I have had friends kids go to college with credits from AP who got scholarships. I just don't know about dual enrollment.

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I am only sharing what I have been told by my daughter's academic counselor. According to what Dancemaven has shared above perhaps this only applies to those student who, through the course of high school, are able to earn enough credits to push them beyond Freshman status? As has been stated before, you will have to inquire with the schools that your dancer is interested in. What was told to me, in my state, may or may not apply to you. Best of luck.

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Thanks Noodles. It something that I will certainly look in to as it could be state specific, college specific, or who knows! :) 

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Please take college issues to a more appropriate thread. There are several already.  :wink:  We are in danger of getting side-tracked without first-hand experiences here.

Please keep THIS thread focused on its topic:   Online schools.

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No apologies needed.  :)   Just a reminder to help keep threads on track and useful for those researching.  :wink:

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My dancer has done online school for a few years. She really likes it but has to really stay on top of things! 

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