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theDrivingWili - I was wondering what decision you've made regarding school options? We are trying to transition our dancer this year, to be better prepared to let her take a year-round training option should one be offered for next fall (we turned down an opportunity for this year--just too many big-decision logistics to figure out in a short amount of time for us). We currently have our DD taking two classes online (because they couldn't accommodate any additional in the short notice--tried working this out for the entire month of August to no avail), through two different online/virtual vendors but both are running through her high school as far as the transcript is concerned. The vendor our high school prefers does not offer an honors level Language Arts course for her grade, even though the brick-and-mortar school is considered to be one of the top in the state and offers Honors courses and AP. 

She will be in 11th grade next year when we may pull her completely to online. I do not feel our district is very accommodating with support or options, even though I know others have done it (two of them being ballet dancers who also live in other states). I feel like we are late in the game with the transition so am hoping you can share what decision you've made. 

Bekah21, did you go with Acellus, as well, or with a different program?

My thanks to you all--this forum has been very helpful in many ways! 

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We picked Acellus Academy Honors HS Diploma program. Our traditional HS provided us with our states graduation requirements. We  are following that as close as possible just Incase she needed/wanted to go back to traditional school.  We liked that we were able to  choose our own classes. My daughter was only slotted to take 1 AP class in traditional HS due to availability. With Acellus she is able to take 3 plus Honors classes.  Also it is self paced, curriculums is video so if she misses something she can rewatch it, also teachers can be reached for additional help.

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Thank you, Val! I have the website pulled up for Acellus--I will sort through it to see the options. I was under the impression part was considered "homeschooled" and part was considered more of a virtual/online program--I presume that is what the Academy portion is?

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We went with connections academy. My DD is able to take honors and AP classes even as a freshman. It is self paced, has videos, teachers that do live lessons and record them if you can't attend live, and great support from all. They truly want the kids to succeed. My DD is able to be self paced and has already completed two classes (electives). She has been given the green light to start second semester courses as soon as she's done with first semester. She is also able to chose to graduate early or do dual enrollment with a college. So far she loves it.

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Thank you, Bekah21! I will look at that one--I'm overwhelmed with trying to piece and part from all of the threads on the forum. I just want to make sure we're doing the best for our DD for both ballet AND for academics. I have no desire to be the teacher, so I want to find a program that offers the support and willingness to have easy and open communication. And working ahead would be great! She's already ahead in one of the online courses she's doing this fall--hoping to be done with at least that one before Nutcracker season.

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Also no true due dates. That could be good and bad depending on the student. Everything is due by the end of the semester. So if she "fell behind" due to dance, it's not late, no points marked off etc. She would just need to be sure to stay motivated so as not to be trying to do all these assignments at the end of the semester.

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My daughter is also doing online school through Connections. It is working out really well so far. There is a bit of a learning curve with where/how to submit certain things, but she figured it out pretty quickly. The teachers are all quick to respond and to give feedback on homework. It’s such a different experience compared to her old brick and mortar school. She gets through her classes much quicker, but also gets more individualized help when she needs it. I definitely feel like she is learning more in a shorter time and with far less stress. 

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We looked into Acellus, Laurel Springs, and a few local to her future residential program and in the end decided to go with Connections. The main deciding factor for us was because it's a network with schools around the country it will be easier to transfer once she moves to her residential program. The teachers are very accessible and responsive and she's been successful with the self-paced coursework. The first couple of weeks I was looking over her coursework before submitting it and then once she got a grade, sitting with her reviewing and discussing. I'm also submitting daily attendance which is basically just confirming she spent time on her lessons. For me it's been more or less the same load compared to her local high school, less if you consider I'm no longer her school chauffeur. Removing the social anxiety of a brick and mortar school has been great for her emotional state which has allowed her to spend more energy on training. Thank you all for jumping in on this thread, it's great to know there's a community of people going through the same struggles on this journey.

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