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Late acceptance residency programs

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My dd (14) recently learned her local school is closing. There are few-no accessible options locally for quality training. I’m at a loss. 

Are there any high school programs with a dorm situation that would still have space for fall enrollment at this late date? 

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Ballyrina, I am so sorry for your DD’s situation.  That certainly is no fun to deal with at all.

As far as whether there are spots left in residency programs for fall, I would suggest your best option is to simply call those that you would be interested in and ask.  If they have spots, they are the ones to know.  If you explain your situation, they may have some wiggle-room, even if they feel their enrollment is set.  At the very least, they may be willing to open a waiting list and add your DD.  One never knows what might happen and a planned enrollment has to withdraw between now and the start of school.

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Thanks so much, MoDance and dancemaven. 

I suddenly feel very lost for options. It’s so difficult to see my sweet girl so deeply heartbroken. She has worked so hard and I feel terrible for not helping her with a contingency plan. 

I will be making phone calls and doing plenty of research but I would appreciate any additional suggestions in my search. 

Thank you all. 

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Try Rock, Cary Ballet Conservatory, Next Generation, Orlando Ballet Conservatory, Nutmeg (not sure on that one), Kirov (but this is super pricey). 

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Ballyrina, we have a whole Forum dedicated to the residential and more widely known Pre-Pro programs: https://dancers.invisionzone.com/forum/147-pre-professional-schoolsresidence-programs/

That would be the best place for you to start looking for programs that might meet your needs.  To put lists of programs here, without more precise information, would just duplicate information already handily available on the Board.

A check of the websites for programs that interest you will give information on any scheduled audition dates.  Otherwise, an inquiry either by phone or e-mail may open up additional options.

Is your school’s AD or teachers willing to be helpful at all in making inquires, recommendations, or contacts on her behalf?

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