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Nutcracker 2019


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With auditions coming up I figured I would start a Nutcracker thread so we can provide updates on our dancers.

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It’s going to be a long wait here! DD is so excited to find out which role she has been cast in and which ones her friends have. She really wants to be with her friends and most of them were cast together last year. Rehearsals will be starting up in only a couple of weeks. 

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My daughter will be 7 in a couple of weeks, at our school Clara is ~8-9 years old. So she's up for Clara understudy this year, which is like pre-Clara (though if she doesn't get it she has another year). I can't wait for casting to come out! We find out next Monday.

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My ten year old will be in her local studio as a peppermint corps member for her fourth Nut season! (Her studio casts early, but they don't begin rehearsal until after Labor Day.) Clara at her studio isn't until the high school years and is a pointe role.

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My daughter is preparing for her first Nutcracker audition in two weeks. There are usually around 60 girls that try out for 8 spots, so we are viewing it as a learning experience to see what auditions are like. 

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DD8 is excited that she is finally going to be able to attend auditions. She's likely to be a Polichinelle again, but this year she's old enough to audition for an extra role as well. With a new AD, no one knows what to expect, so it's all a mystery. Auditions are in 2 weeks, but she has another performance to occupy her mind between now and then, which helps.

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Congrats Anatrat to your daughter! How fun for her! Best wishes to everyone still waiting to hear about their parts and getting ready for auditions!

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