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Nutcracker 2019


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Cast list finally came out and DD is thrilled about her parts. She is a little bummed that she’s not with her BFF or most of her classmates but she’s very excited that she will have more challenging choreography to learn for her roles than the parts she had expected. It does make me nervous that she’s with older girls so I hope she has fun. 

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That sounds exciting! It will be a good experience to be away from her peers. Some kids stick with ballet because it is more of a social club than a long-term interest so this can help her discern that.

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DD10 got a walk on part in the professional company production that is associated with her school. It was her first time trying out and while I would have loved for her to actually get a dancing role this will be an amazing experience.

EDIT: Rehearsals have started and according to my DD she does a petite adagio with two other dancers which is really exciting!

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Thanks Rane! Thanks AmyMary! That’s a great point too! She’s very disciplined and a rule follower in class and won’t talk to her more chatty friends because she knows it’s against the rules so not being with her friends might be less stressful. She hates feeling conflicted about not responding to them in class so some separation might be good. 

That sounds like a wonderful experience Anastasia!



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My daughter (age 7) auditioned for the second year, and was the shortest again out of 98 girls!  We're hoping that's a good sign, as she was cast last year in this big production.

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We just received the happy news that my daughter was cast as one of Mother Ginger’s clowns! The odds weren’t great and I’d prepared her just to view the audition as a fun experience, so we were both so surprised and excited! She can’t stop smiling 😊

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Congrats to your dd Rane.  Has she done that role before?   Does she come out under the dress?  One of my kids has done that role for 2 years and has a lot of stories of things that happened under there.  What a fun role.

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Thanks momof5dancers and GingerMama. We are so excited!

That’s so fun that your DD was also a clown! This is my DD’s first time auditioning/getting a role, but we’ve seen the production together twice. It’s been her dream to be in the Nutcracker ever since!

The eight little clowns come out on stage in Mother Ginger’s skirt and then dance out in pairs. I’m so curious to see how it works behind the scenes 😉 

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Congratulations to your DK's Anatrat, AdventurerMom, AmyMary, GingerMama, AnastasiaBeav, rane and anyone I forgot.

DD8 got her casting yesterday. We already pretty much knew she'd be one of Mother Ginger's polichinelle's again this year with her class and she is, but as an added bonus she's also been cast as a party scene boy and a soldier in the battle, which were by audition. She is thrilled to have gotten 3 roles, since only a few littles did, and is over the moon to be one of the party boys. She's wanted that even more than party girl (which she isn't old enough for yet anyway) because they are somewhat mischievous. Party and battle rehearsal starts this week, and she can't wait.

Of course older sister(15) is jealous because the principal roles and act 2 leads have yet to be cast, so she still has a wait ahead of her before she knows what she'll be dancing.


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