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Mom de deux, how interesting that they don't cast the whole show at once.  That is so hard for your oldest dd. 

How is your younger dd able to do all those roles?  Does she do them all in one show, or is it a different role for each show? 

Congrats to your dd, that is so exciting that she got so many roles.  I wish our Nut did that.  I have heard of some places having a kid have a different role each show.  I really like that idea. 

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How exciting for your youngest. What would we do without those girls who love playing party boys??

Man, I wouldn't want to be in that house right now though, lol.

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How exciting Mom de deux! The mischievous part sounds like a lot of fun! Your poor oldest though, waiting is so hard!

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All 3 in one show. She'll probably have her first quick change. I'm just along for the adventure. I have no frame of reference since with a new AD this season, I don't know what the battle will look like. We've never had younger dancers in it before. From the cast list, it looks like they are going with smaller, younger dancers as soldiers and much taller mice pulled from the intermediate levels.

It's not uncommon for our cast list to come out in 2 segments since the younger dancers' party auditions are generally held on a different day from the more advanced dancers auditions for things like dolls and act 2 leads. With a new AD I wonder if he wants to get the big scene rehearsals underway while finalizing his decisions. Snow and Flowers for example, are already rehearsing, with two or three dancers rotating in as Dewdrop and Snow Queen to see who fits. I trust where he's going with it. All the younger kids, including Clara and the Prince know their casting, as does the SPF I believe. I expect the rest of the cast will go up within the next couple of weeks, but that will be a post for another forum. 😉

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Yes, that makes sense. This year the younger dancers are soldiers, flower, snow corps...and the older girls mice. They just had homecoming so our studio went ahead rehearsing Clara and the younger girls parts without them learning their choreography yet.

Waiting on the cast list is so hard though. I planned a trip away for new pointe shoes while we were waiting. DD drove me nuts until I finally sent our SO a text (only because it was after the cast list was supposed to be announced) and she said "oh yeah, you missed the announcement, she is Clara" 😁

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Congrats to everyone on their role!!

DD will be dancing snow & flower crops, party girl and she also got a part in a pas de trois which she is very excited about because apparently "the best girl" in her class is also in it. Rehearsal starts this weekend and it crushed with one of DD's performance with a professional company, fingers crossed AD won't be too mad about it =p

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Thanks AnastasiaBeav and Mom de deluxe. 

Congratulations Mom de deux on your DDs roles! That sounds like so much fun!

Congratulations AmyMary On your DD getting the role of Clara! That is so exciting!

Congratulations to your DD Chibikko Those roles sound amazing!

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How exciting for her Chibikko!

Any advice on dealing with potential casting drama? DD was just given an additional part which will be a small solo part separate from her other roles. The director created this part for her after working with her during rehearsals and it has not been done in past productions. A couple of other parents have already complained about their children’s casting so I am nervous about any fallout. DD is obviously excited and I am really proud of her but I can’t say I like having to deal with drama. There were some other girls whose parts were moved around because it wasn’t working and they were not happy about it which is causing drama between the girls who were moved and the ones who stayed. The trickiest part is I have a friend whose daughter is the same age as DD and they are friends. This friend keeps loudly complaining that her daughter should have better parts but she has been told that the child isn’t ready for those roles. I am not sure how or when to tell her about DD’s new part. It feels like a really awkward thing to bring up but at the same I’m thinking avoiding bringing it up is a mistake. Honestly if I had my way I wouldn’t bring it up at all but I think that will only make things worse after she sees the show or if she hears about it somehow. Any advice? Thanks!

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Ugh, I loathe studio drama too. Honestly I wouldn't bring up the part unless it is mentioned. It may be better coming from someone else. There are always going to be hurt feelings. There are times I thought DD should have had better parts or an additional solo but that's just how it goes.

I have always told my DD to be the better person. Not one of her classmates or parents congratulated her for getting Clara which really surprised me. I always congratulate the lead and so does my daughter. It is what it is. I think the best we can do is teach our kids to not be that person who created drama.

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Thanks AmyMary! How sad that she didn’t get congratulations on her Clara role! I was afraid not saying something could make it weird if she hears about it or doesn’t know until she sees the show. Not saying anything felt like a cop out since it would be so much easier for me!

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Be gracious and encourage your dancer to do the same. There is no need to bring it up. At some point everyone will know everyone else’s part. You don’t need to feel you’re hiding anything. Stay away from and above the casting drama as much as you can. All dancers and families have to learn to navigate casting, both the excitement and the disappointment. 

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AmyMary, Aw that's not very nice of the classmates. 


Thank you GingerMama. I agree not to bring it up to your friend, there is just no right thing to say at this situation no matter how you handle it. 

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Thanks Dancingjet! I am not worried about DD she’s always gracious and kind and just happy to be in the production. It would be one thing if it was just an acquaintance but since I’m friends with the mom I do feel like I need to say something about it. I will have to figure it out tonight at rehearsal since DD will not be released at the same time as her group because of the extra rehearsal so she’s going to wonder where DD is when we are waiting together. 

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Gingermama, I agree with Amymary, don't bring up the part unless someone asks.  They will find out and it would be better if it comes from someone else if there is already drama brewing in their heads.  

I think getting used to the highs and lows of casting is hard, but something both the dancers and the parents have to get used to in this world.  Some years everything goes your way and other years it doesn't.    And I think every parent wants the best for their kids because we all think our kids are special.  I also think jealousy is a natural feeling for people.   

Casting came out this week for my 5 kids and we talked a lot about it before we stepped into the studio.  I think that is the key is to go over it all the time so the kids can keep learning.   I teach my kids to not brag, be happy for other people and tell them congrats, that every role is important and what an honor it is to be in the show,  and that every year brings something different.

AmyMary, that stinks that nobody said congrats to your dd.    The girls who got Clara this year at our school were hugged by screaming friends, girls who were just as excited for them as they were.  And all the parents were saying congrats too.   That is one of the reasons that we stay at our school is that the parents and the kids are just really awesome.  One big family. 

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