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Nutcracker 2019


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DD just realized she has less than 10 rehearsals before the first performance. She is a smidge nervous and I realized I am going to be super nervous watching her. 😐

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It is crazy how quickly it goes from auditions to seeing dress rehearsals on my calendar! DD is loving everything about this season so I’m excited about finally getting to see her dance that’s she’s been showing me and talking about non-stop. 

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So, my daughter(12) was cast as Clara! It is not a pointe role in this version of the Nutcracker, but there is a ton of dancing (all very quick/fast) for Clara. She will be featured as a soloist in Candy Canes, Polichinelles, and opening of Act 2. She was not expecting to be cast as Clara at all, so it was a very pleasant surprise. She's already pretty tall so she thought this year would be her only chance, and the director had mentioned over the summer that she had someone in mind for the role. Being our first year in this company, we just assumed it would be someone else. She does share the role with another dancer (four shows...they each get 2). But because my daughter is in the company program she gets to do the two early "Act 2 " only shows. The first one is next week! Anyway, just wanted to share our Nutcracker joy! My kid is over the moon happy and savoring every moment!

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How exciting Balletmom676! It’s so wonderful to hear how happy she is! Thanks for sharing your Nutcracker joy!

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Congratulations! My daughter is 12 and playing Clara too. She doesn't have alternate parts though because she will be the lead for all four shows. That sounds like a lot of work but I know it is common for many larger companies to do that.

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Mine doesn't have alternate roles either. She is in the two evening shows and two condensed versions in the weeks prior to the main shows. Her Clara role is featured as a soloist in polichinelles (we don't have Mother Ginger) and candy cane in our version. Originally, the two girls playing Clara were to play alternate roles (party scene and candy cane) in the shows they were not playing Clara, but the director decided against it. I'm relieved because it is A LOT to manage at this age. Congrats to your daughter too!!

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Has anyone's dancers started their performances? DD's first Nutcracker performance was after Thanksgiving and continues through the next few weekends. She thoroughly enjoyed dancing with a live orchestra and in front of 2000 people! I was super nervous for her and so thankful everything went well.

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That sounds very exciting for your daughter. I know that mine has never danced in front of a live orchestra or that many people and we've been doing this a long time! That's the downside to living in a small town with a tiny theater.

That said, we only do one weekend of shows right before Christmas so we aren't there yet. I know I'm a bit worried because we have a guest artist playing the Nutcracker prince who won't arrive until next week so DD is learning all of the pas work without the benefit of him here yet.

It always works out in the end but it sure is stressful. This is my first week of having to sit in town each day for four hours all week so NOT looking forward to that lol.

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It was a huge difference from her student based Nutcrackers that is for sure!

Do you knit or sew? I am always jealous when I see people making good use of waiting since I mainly waste time on my phone. I once wrapped gifts in an empty studio which was the highlight of that winter. 😉

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I used to be a knitting fiend before I had another baby lol. Now with a 3 yo I can't do those things but I sure did take for granted the ballet years when I did!

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AnastasiaBeav~  Aww I am glad your dd had such a great time.  Does she still have more shows to do?   

Our shows haven't started yet, normally they would soon.  They are later this year.  My kids also perform with a live orchestra and with a pro-company.  A really neat experience that I am so grateful they get to do.  It is my youngest kiddos first time.   I hope she does well. 


AmyMary~ I am sure your dd is getting a bit nervous without the prince there.  I am sure it will work out fine though.   I hear you on the long waiting.  It was really hard to come back to the 2-3 hour round-trip commute plus the waiting.  And shows will just add more.  I am really tired of 7 days a week.   Does your youngest have to come every time?   How young can the kids be in the show?  Maybe your youngest could do the show some year? I hope you make it through.  Being a dance mom isn't easy.   So fun that your dd gets to be Clara this year though.  

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I finally started the little one in a weekly class when she turned three last month, although she's been begging for awhile lol.

She got to learn the mouse sequence and try on a costume but after she threw a huge tantrum when she had to take it off I decided I would wait another year.

Besides, I really want to savor this performance with DD as Clara instead of being stuck backstage you know.

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We have only done one outreach (Act 2 only) performance, but the crowd was way bigger than I expected. The main shows aren’t until right before Christmas. 

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