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We finished this weekend. Does anyone else's dancer have an emotional meltdown post-performance? DD10 has such highs and then crashes when it is over.

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Our shows start this week and go to after Christmas.   I can't wait for it to be over.  The first year some of my kids crashed and wanted it to go on, I did too.  But after that they are ok with it.   I mean they still want to be performing everyday.   I think some of mine are going to crash hard this year because of the roles they have that they like. 

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Our shows are this weekend. Almost the entire cast, including mine, has been sick so that's been a drag. DD alternates between "oh no, the show is in only five days" to "oh no, I don't want it to be over" lol.

I definitely worry about the letdown after being Clara. She won't likely have a part that big in next year's shows so it will be interesting to see how she navigates that and stays interested.

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Our shows are this weekend too. We've had some suite performances (outreach and such). She has expressed some anxiety over the whole experience ending, so I am anticipating some sort of crash/meltdown when it's all over. She even said she thinks she might cry at her final curtain call for Clara. I just keep reminding her to savor the time she has the role, and not to stress over it ending because it will spoil her experience if she stresses over it too much. But as excited as I am to finally get to see her on stage as Clara, I am looking forward to our lives and schedules returning to normal!

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We are halfway through our run. The first shows went really well and everyone is feeling good, but a bit tired. We moved into our second theater last night and have just two shows left, but they are essentially sold out, which is exciting, because our usual theater is enormous and therefore we never really fill it. The experience of performing for a very full house is a new one.

DD9 is especially happy because scheduling conflicts with a handful of angels meant that the shortest polichinelles were conscripted to be angels as well. She now has 4 parts for the rest of the shows and is thrilled about it.

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And, that's a wrap for this season's Nutcracker.  Survived my dancer getting sick two blocks from the theater on opening night, actually turned around and emailed the stage manager she wasn't going to make it, but she said she could and she did!  Of course got sick again on the car ride home...

Next it was a bad cold, which everyone else had too.  But she finished strong and the performances were all magical.  We had some problems, and some quick thinking by Clara saved a scene.  You could tell everyone in the audience tonight was there at that performance when the scene went off without a hitch, we all cheered.

Watched some absolutely lovely young ladies perform magic in their rolls, and we had some very heartbreaking news for one of our studio company ladies, she says she'll be fine, but tears were shed, and will be for a while.

I hope everyone else's season went well.  On to Swan Lake in the Spring.

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Sickness was a huge part of our Nutcracker experience too but isn't it always this time of year, ugh?

I ended up in the ER the night of her final show with bronchitis, which started two months ago as the "ballet flu" that was circulating the studio. Everybody was sick, except DD by some miracle. Thank God because she was playing Clara all five shows with no understudy.

She was incredible, owned the stage with confidence (not perfection), and we had no major dramas. I'm glad it's over and thankful I did see the first show although heartbroken I missed closing night.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas without the sounds of snow and flowers or anything ballet dancing through your heads, lol!

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