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Improving Fifth Position


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Any tips for improving fifth position? We did a lot of it tonight, and while I can't get my feet there, I can get them pretty close--but then I have no balance. :) So any idea on how either adjust my feet in a way that I can move (wide fifth, maybe)? Or ways to increase flexibility/turnout? Not looking for anything drastic, just little things I can do to get a better hang of this position. 

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I saw another post that you just had your first class? To me, I would expect beginner students to be standing in 3rd position with the feet, not 5th. Standing in third seems like the solution you are looking for. It’s strange that your teacher has you standing in 5th.

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Yeah it's listed as a "beginner" class. I dunno. I mean, no one, except one or two teenagers, seemed to have it even close to being correct. :) (I took ballet as a kid for three years, and a few adult classes here and there, but it hasn't been consistent. I mean to be consistent with this studio.) 

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