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Patricia Dunn


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Patricia Dunn

Hi everyone,  Wonderful to have stumbled on this forum so thank you!   In brief I am a former professional ballet dancer and have been a commercial/advertising and fine art portrait photographer for the last thirty years.  I was recently approached by teachers and coaches in the ballet world asking if I would be interested in photographing young dancers for auditions (summer intensives, schools and for submission to companies).  Since I have experienced it all in terms of being a dancer I have been giving it some thought.  I am in the Los Angeles area and have been researching the dance world and thrilled to see ballet thriving!  So I am looking for ways to create an affordable package for parents who I am sure face huge expenses in terms of helping their children (of all ages and stages of training) gain a foothold and move to the next level.  I generally shoot with my husband which has proved very beneficial to our clients - they get two photographers which is great.  I do supply a wonderful make-up and hair artist who is reasonably priced and willing to travel with us.  So really, having said all that I am looking for information on what the teachers, coaches and parents are looking for in terms of price and packages and visual needs.   I'm not too sure if I am allowed to put up my website address and forgive me for doing so but it helps everyone understand my vision and style.  Thank you again and I really look forward to interacting.  Much love to you all.  Patsy Dunn. 


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