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i want to know which school is best for my needs. i need to work on my arms and my expression the most. is there a ballet school out there that is good at working those two things and still gives the same amount or more attenion to the other things as well? i think i should change schools because not many of the graduates from my school made it into a company. is that a good idea?

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Kat, I'm confused because you just posted on another topic that you attend a professional school. If you are questioning the validity of the training at the school you attend, then you will need to examine other schools. It is really not possible for us to tell you that without seeing the training. I will add one thing, however, and that is there are never "very many" students from any school moving into a professional company. That is often because there are so few jobs available and so many students graduating every year. Do you attend Quinte, the school you recommended to Veronica? Since you are in Ontario, I would think that the goal would be the National School, but perhaps there are others which are really good too. I am not familiar with any schools except the National. I have heard Quinte mentioned very positively though.

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Kat, generally where are you in Ontario? If you're close to Windsor, that might be one answer. If you're close to Ottawa, there's another answer. If it's Toronto, yet another...you get the drift. It's better to stay at home while getting the best training available locally, if only for your own psychological well-being. If you can't get the training you need, and I mean REALLY can't (not "I just don't like this well enough" - you have to live in Sudbury or someplace), then you might have to consider going elsewhere.

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