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Hello Newman

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I am new to these forums and I am registered to take the adult ballet classes at SFB, due to my demanding job I have been unable to attend. I am a little older also male. I am unsure if I will fit in, in what could possibly be a younger group of classmates. 

I am also new to San Francisco I have been here just over a year, I have a fairly demanding job I sometimes work 12 to 15 hour days nights and weekends included.

My job is not music related but I have been a musician all my life, I am a guitarist, pianist, bassist as well as a singer songwriter and I write and produce my own music. I am also a novelist/ writer and I am just re editing my first novel to be published before the end of the year.

I have always had a fascination with dance particularly for ballet. Ballet dancers work so hard, and are so committed to their art. I find their dedication and endurance to be motivating within myself and my own pursuits of artistic expression. I am interested in movement and dance and I have always wished I had taken ballet as a child. My interest in taking ballet now is to understand its complexity and a way to combine art and exercise. It will also increase my mobility and posture.

I have always been fascinated with all the arts and I do go to art galleries often. I listen to classical, jazz and various forms of rock music. I am also a huge horror movie and sci-fi fan.

I would also love to get into the habit of attending SFB performances. 

Hopefully once I get a Sunday off and can shake the jitters of the new experience I will get the chance to attend an SFB adult ballet class. I would also be nice to possibly meet with any classmates who would be interested in meeting at a Starbucks before or after class for coffee.

BTW I am also a Seinfeld fan which would explain the title of this post.


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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, NSB612. We're glad you found us. 

You'll find LOTS of stories of adult beginners in our Adult Ballet Students sections, and also a long-running thread in the Men and Boys section of the message board.

The main advice is: it will take quite a few lesson over a few months to start to feel at home in the very specific body alignment and movements of ballet. A good teacher in a studio which is supportive for adults as well as children will tell you this, and help you get ballet into your body.

The other thing to remember is that, no matter how experienced we are as dance students, we all find ballet a challenge - at whatever level! And so in class, no-one is really looking at anyone else (except maybe to follow the steps!). We are all focused on our own stuff, so don't feel too self-conscious. Really, no-one is judging you. 

Have fun - it really is wonderful once you have your head around the basics - you can move to beautiful music with strength, grace and purpose.

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Redbookish Thank you for your advice, I guess I am a little self-conscious hopefully that will go away soon. I am looking forward to making it (adult ballet class) a regular routine in my lifestyle.

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