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Men doing pointe


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Hi I’m wanting to start taking ballet class I called a studio and asked them if they offer adult classes they said yes they do I also asked about eventually doing some pointe work the lady immediately said NO men don’t do pointe work I thought that was kind of rude every where I have looked and or read about encourage men to do pointe work.. so should I just give up on the whole thing or continue on looking for a place that will ???

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I'd call around and see if there was somewhere more accommodating, but if it's the only place handy then go with it for a start - you won't be ready for pointe work for a couple of years anyway, and you'll be in a better position to make decisions about other classes. 

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I agree with Coleman... ... ...  It was intimidating for me to start ballet and nerve up to go to my first class, but I soon found the most important this is the get started and DANCE!  So, starting out I would encourage you to get dancing at the studio that (all other things being equal) is most accessible.  Your chance to begin point is probab;u at least 2 years down the road, so I would not let that factor alone steer you away from a studio that would otherwise work well for your schedule, budget, accessibility, etc.  

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MattMan, just a reminder to please use proper capitalization and to properly spell words (no text speak, slang or lazy spelling) as per BT4D Rules and Policies.

We have members from all over the globe and for many English is not their first language.  It is hard enough for folks to read proper English without having to deal with slang spellings or lack of proper capitalization (“I” , not “i”).  We do request all our members use their best English, including proper grammar, capitalization, actual words, and punctuation.  Thank you.

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Thanks for the heads-up, Dance Maven.  Sorry to create work for you this time.  My bad.  Cheers.  M

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Well, Men doing pointe work.

Usually men don't do pointe work so at that studio it is a no!  You can find instructors that will let you into the pointe class. That being said, men should spend most of their time doing men's work.  If you are interested in teaching eventually then it may be of value to take some pointe classes. If you are interested in dancing for Ballet Trockadero then it's essential. There are only three roles for men on pointe in classical ballet. The two stepsisters in Cinderella (although often played by women) and Bottom in A Midsummer's Night Dream. There may be a few others.  Get your men's work down first! 

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You’re going this as a hobby. Learn whatever seems like fun to learn. But don’t worry about pointe yet. 

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First you need solid technic and strength in non-Pointe. That takes a few years with 2-3 classes a week.

After this - if they don't want it, look for another place. Here they don't have really problems with that.

Men doing a professional ballett education have to take pointe in the academy here - for strengthening feet and balance. They don't do as much as women, but they learn the basics (basic stuff like tripple pirouettes on pointe 😉 ). That's why the local ballet store has pointe shoes up to size 11.

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As said by the guys before me - Start at the basics. You can't do pointe right away, You need to learn technique and strengthen your feet arches to support your weight before you even start going en pointe, or you will hurt yourself.

That said, the studio's response is rubbish. Men Do get on pointe. Did it myself for a few years.

Old_Faun, bragging much? 😉


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