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What would be on your ballet wish list ?


I would love to have at least 10 dvds of the classical ballets along with some of the modern ballets. They are so expensive.

I would love to have at least 10 different colours of leotards. I nearly went a bit mad in a dancewear shop the other day grabbing a leotard in every colour, but again due to money had to settle for just one colour:( . But I would love to have at least 5 different colours, plus another colour ballet skirt, plus at least 5 more pairs of tights, 2 pairs of pointe shoes, a couple of demi-pointe shoes and perhaps 3 or 4 pairs of soft slippers.

Then there would be the wrap arounds, jazz pants, warm ups and a proper dance bag to put it all in.




now that would be great..then of course a closet to store it all in at home instead of in a big organized heap;)

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Can we wish for immaterial things? If so, I want balance. Now. When I started, I was actually surprised that it was not quite as bad as I had thought, and I must admit it has gotten better, but it still is pretty horrible.


As on the material wish list... I would like another black short-sleeved leotard, and an additional pair or two of slippers, preferably with some one else to sew on the elastics :P. Also, a warm-up jacket or something such, that would miraculously take up no room in my bag ;), to put on when I stretch after class.


That's all for dance wear - I like to wear the same dancing gear over and over until it gets too worn out, rather than have lots of things to wear. And I absolutely hate the small wrap-around skirtlets many people seem to like for class, whatever their name is. Weird, me? :(


Some DVDs of ballets, for me too, and oh yes, ballet movies on DVD: Billy Elliot that I liked a lot, and Center Stage I have not yet seen, and any others that you can think of.

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I would also like an "elastics assistant"! :P


Other than that, what would i like? Better turn out better turn out better turn out!!! And higher extension. Did I mention better turn out?


As for gear - a leotard that does not dig into my bottom! :(

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Guest BBNButterscotch

1) A looser dress code, so I could wear other color leotards than just black.


2) A servant to sew my pointe shoe ribbons.


3) Stronger arms, so that my port de bras doesn't look like a chicken with flapping wings. Also, more toned upper arms (i dont want that old lady arm flab thing going on).


4) To become the best dancer on pointe that I can be.

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In the real world, more men's wear available at more stores at less cost!:) Seems I'm always ordering from somewhere these days and getting wrong sizes or different material than I wanted. I would love to have better selection in local dance stores. But I live in the real world so I won't get my hopes up.


In my fantasy world -- I'd love to be paid NOT to go to work so I could go to classes instead.

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Guest joodiff

Good thread!


I would love to have :-


- a better turnout (Top of my list!)

- better flexibility

- better memory to execute all the steps at the centre properly (My teacher gives REALLY looooooooooong combinations!)

- a better sense of balance

- higher extension



And maybe, just maybe, one day, to be able to execute fouette en l'air en tournant on pointe...............*grin*

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Guest alpusachni

flexibility, the ability to be better at leaps(esp jetes/grand jetes) my turning ability back-lol. I was beter at turning when I was younger. more leos(lol) I just bought 3 from disc dance, but I'd like more(although I honestly do not need them I have 8 total now) jazz pants, cute warm ups, videos/dvds of performances(NYCB, KIROV< boston ballet, ABT) the ability to spend a week or two in NYC, and books, I have so far: Pointe book, CLassical ballet Tech, Suzanne farrell bio, ALlegra Kent, Gelsey Kirkland and Balanchine bio.


if I coud have any book i'd get Merrill Ashelys bio, I know they have it on some used book sites but it's sooo expensive every one iv'e seen has been at least 50 dollars.

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Can I add to my list?


I forgot books. I have none so far :). I'd like Warren's "Classical Ballet Technique" for a start.

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Guest beckster

I would like a really truly classical tutu. The three-piece, boned kind. And I'd like to be able to dance well enough to wear it on stage!


My other wish is to find the PERFECT camisole leotard. You know, the one that somehow makes my tummy look thin and doesn't show too much chest. A leotard which somehow fixes my placement, improves flexibility and reminds me to hold my turnout. One which doesn't slip downwards during combinations, and which is made of some clever material which actively keeps me cooler so I don't end up roasting hot after plies. And I'd like them to be stocked by my local dance shop and to cost £5.99. And also, I'd like the medium size to be labelled "small". The large size will be labelled "normal", extra-large will be labelled "womanly" and the small size can be labelled "put on some weight, you can't be healthy".

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beckster - I'm with you on the tutu! Oooh! :)


I too would like tights that neither went laddery or faded in the wash.


I also wish I had stretched every day from the age of twelve because I would be much more flexible. It would also be very nice to be able to jump like Darcey Bussell.


Oh I'd also like a signed first edition copy of Noel Streatfield's Ballet Shoes, because I think it is brilliant.


That's about it for now, I think!



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It'd be nice if I didn't have to go to all the way to London to buy dancewear, and it'd be good if there were more colours to choose from than black and white... Also, shoes that fitted my feet perfectly would be great, as would white ones that miraculously kept themselves clean!


Aside from dancewear, my greatest wish would be to have daily classes available - not just one a week - all of which were attended by a wide range of people around my age - not just late-teens and mothers of the kids at the school. It'd also be great if my bad knee would mend itself overnight, and I suddenly acquired perfect turnout and extension!


Since we're into complete fantasy now, I'd also like to discover a portal that led to the alternate reality where I'd started ballet at the age of three, gone to the Royal Ballet School at the age of eleven, and was now enjoying a glorious professional career. The ability to jump between that life and the life I have now would be most fantastic!

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*sigh* If we're going to start talking about turning the clock back, put that on my list too! :)

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Ooh! This thread is too much fun to let pass by!


Let's see.....

....turnout, 180, nothing less.

....turn the clock back so I would have a chance to start taking classes when I first wanted to as an adult, about 20yrs ago.

....Beckster, I REALLY LIKE your take on leotard sizing!

....better memory of combinations, so I can dance and not have to think so hard.

....and most of all, stop comparing my insides to everyone elses outsides and just DANCE!

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