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can anyone help me?

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My name is Hannah and I’m 14 years old. I am really lacking self confidence at the moment. I am very tall and very skinny. I look really awkward and lanky when I dance. I just look pathetic when I do anything and I’m trying my hardest to be even slightly good at dancing but I’m not flexible, or strong, I can’t do any of the other tricks the girls can do and I look stupid dancing. My teacher shouted at me yesterday and said she thought I was injured because of the way I dance. I don’t want to quit I just want to get better but it seems that no matter how hard I try I still look lanky, awkward, pathetic and an all round bad dancer. Can someone help me?

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hannahballet 1st may I welcome you to Ballet Talk for Dancers. Please introduce yourself in the Welcome Forum. No need to tell us more than how long you have been studying ballet and what your goals are in ballet.

As for your question, please be kind to yourself. Self esteem is a major part of success. Have you discussed your concerns with your teacher or perhaps an adult who knows you and a bit more than you about ballet? I am a teacher of ballet students of your age group. From experience, I can tell you that often teenagers see themselves in a lesser light than others view them. Your desire for instant success cannot be achieved in ballet. It is a very long term commitment. There will always be something to improve, something that will remain a challenge and greater things to achieve.

Focus strongly on the corrections that are given in class. Often students have their own agenda rather than understand that a teacher is giving them skills to be achieved masqueraded as exercises. Learn the skills not the steps. Learning musicality is the conductor of technique is most important. Without musicality, there is no ballet.

Breath and love yourself 1st, then you can make room for other things to love such as ballet.

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