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Snappier tour jeté (entre lace)

Alchemic Kid

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I’ve been corrected many times that my tour jetés are not scissored enough and I’m trying really hard to fix it...but I’m not seeing improvements. Does anyone have any tips to really get that snappy tour jete?

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Couple of things spring to mind.  Arm usage and the speed at which your legs pass in the air. Also think about how much you open the split after the second leg passes. Ask your instructor again for help. I'm guessing that it's the amount of split.

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I'm working on the same thing - trying to get more of a scissor movement than a rond de jambe in the air. One tip is think "quick hips" and a flipping motion instead of a half turn. Get the leading shoulder around quickly. I know Kathryn Morgan and Claudia Dean have videos on Youtube with more tips; I just can't remember them all at the moment. I'm also trying to think of it as an "up and down" movement rather than traveling, in order to stick the landings better.

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Yes Andy32, go for height rather than distance when jumping.

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Doing jumps like tour jetés with theraband always helped me to make them sharper and more powerful. (I know I am 2 years late but I hope this is helpful.)

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balletgoober I am having difficulty picturing this. It sounds a bit dangerous.

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My school uses resistance bands as a part of our cross-training. The idea is to tie each end of the band to your ankles and jump with them. The bands create resistance which improves your strength.

We've never had any issues, injuries or accidents using them but we always use them carefully under teachers' supervision. If done correctly this does not pose an issue. 

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I thinkntour jeté is not the exercise for strengthening or stretching. When you are stretched and strong enough then just focus on the technic. But it should not be used as exercise. Of course this is only my opinion... I will never be a ballet master.

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I always thought of it like two grand battements (one front one back), with the transition through first position in the air.  Thinking of going through first prevents any rond de jambe from happening and gives the look of the legs doing a scissoring movement.

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