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Well, I Guess There's No Hiding Anymore...

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Ok, I've been compelled to post (though it was a sad one that brought me out) so I'd better introduce myself.

I'm the father of 2 dancers, one strictly ballet, the other loves all other disciplines but! Originally I sought out ballet training to help with her other passion, competitive figure skating.  It was a struggle to get her to start, but now here we are.  

My ballet dancer/figure skater (11 years old) is doing well. She's in the 4th year of Jr. Pre-Professional at her studio, which is based on the ABT curriculum, after starting from scratch (no dance training at all) 3 years ago.  She has progressed rapidly, has scored very well on her exams (even last year which were adjudicated by a very strict examiner) and is currently in rehearsal for her third production of The Nutcracker (she's a Polichinelle, which is a different type of character in her school's choreography).  She takes 3, 1 1/2 hour technique classes per week, has a weekly private lesson which is taught way beyond the difficulty of her regular classes (she needs the challenge).  She's hoping to do her first real SI this year at her home studio (more or less required for those going into the level she hopes to be in next Fall).  She does feel a bit behind since she started late, and has had some setbacks (Sever's Disease!) and frustrations with the slow pace of advancement in the ballet world.  She's impatient, but has a wonderful teacher that we love who continues to support her and challenge her to perfect her technique before moving to the next thing.

I have learned a great deal in my lurking time here, and I think I've learned some things along the way in the real world that I feel I can pass on to those just starting out.  I think I'll always be InWayOverMyHead though.


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Welcome, InWayOverMyHead!  So glad you decided to join the ranks of those sharing in discussions.  You sound like you are doing a great job (and the Scotch will come in handy! :wink:)

Please don’t fall into the trap that your DD started late at 8 years old.  That is actually the age when ‘real’ ballet training starts.  Prior to that, it is considered pre-ballet and just getting co-ordination, responding to and understanding alternate cues, change of directions, working with others, beginnings of spatial awareness and awareness of others, musical cues, beginning stretching, muscle development, etc.  I’m sure her figure skating provided a lot of the same for her prior to appearing in a ballet class.

Please do take a little time to nose around all our Forums to what all we have to offer, drop in on threads that interest you, add to discussions, and also take some time to review our Rules and Policies.

We look forward to getting to know you and sharing your journey.  Welcome to our little corner of the universe.  :)

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Thank you so much for your warm and gracious welcome.  I've been around for awhile and I've already learned so much.  I still have so many questions. I will certainly do my best to enhance the community as her journey progresses.  She is so much stronger as a skater and a dancer than when we walked through the doors a couple of years ago.  It's going to be tough balancing both as she progresses further in both disciplines.  That will probably be our greatest challenge going forward.

Thanks again for the community, and here we go.


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