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Ankle sprain

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So I sprained my ankle. It's a grade two sprain pretty sure. It's swollen, very very painful, bruised, and a little unstable but not enough for it to effect me. I don't have classes next week because of Thanksgiving so that hopefully will help. So I have an ace bandage on right now and I'm planning to keep it on for a week or until my ankle stops hurting. But I have a minor performance in two weeks and I am auditioning for a musical which doesn't include a lot of dancing but will obviously involve me to be on my foot a lot. Plus tomorrow I have to go to a birthday party and will also be on my feet a lot. I'm gonna wear the bandage for all of these events and ice it after. The pain ranges from both sides of my ankle, my arch, and my Achilles, is this normal for a sprain? How can I make my ankle heal faster?

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I suggest, think long term. Take care of your ankle now or it might develop into a long term problem. As much as you may want to participate in your performances, it is best you see a medical professional for an accessment.

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